Enchanted Forest

Friday, 8 August 2014
Life has been pretty hectic recently, hence the lack of blog posts. But here's a quick photo of a recent photoshoot I did with a few friends.

Harriet x

Life through my iPhone

Tuesday, 8 July 2014
Just thought I'd share some photos of life lately, including my time of from rehearsing in Brighton. I was so lucky with the weather when I was staying there last week, so I made the most of my free time by wandering around, eating ice cream, window shopping, exploring and sitting on the beach. I absolutely love Brighton now and am so glad I got to have some time off to explore it while I've been there.

Some legs... my legs
Lovely cafe where I relaxed and did some work
Foodilic - The best all you can eat buffet ever! 
Having a quick sit on the beach 
Sunny Brighton
Pretty lanes and shops

Jason and Bonnie on the day we got her
Bonnie having a kip
Jason at the pub I briefly worked at!
Cuppa tea in the garden, lovely!
Sorry that was a very picture heavy, text minimal post, but I hope you liked some of the photos of the past couple of weeks.

Harriet x

Bloomin' marvellous!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My housemate Annie and I have been spending our free time making the most of the glorious weather at the moment by doing lots of gardening. It's fair to say that what we lack in knowledge or experience we make up for in enthusiasm! Several of our herbs perished :( but we did manage to save a few. Now we've started planting veg from seeds. At the moment we've got broccoli, french beans and spinach starting to grow, as well as some potatoes. We're also planning to have some other staples - carrots, onions, garlic, radishes etc which should keep us in lovely food throughout the coming months. We're waging a war against snails, however, which are doing their best to munch through everything we've got! They destroyed our sunflower, which was a shame, but luckily everything else is hanging on at the moment.

We've also started some flowerbeds and pots with pansies, french lavender, heather, geraniums, with some more bulbs and seeds ready to be planted. The aim is to have the garden full of life and colour over the summer. We don't have much space to plant as the garden is paved except for one flowerbed, so it needs lots of greenery to make it feel like a proper garden that we can relax in during the nice hot summer we're praying for! 

There was already a lovely little mint plant growing when we moved in, which we can finally see now that the weeds have been obliterated thanks to Annie's dad! So I'm going to be enjoying lots of fresh mint tea for the foreseeable future I hope. 

In other news, say hello to the newest additions to our house. Jason and I decided to get pet rats after holding some in a pet shop, whilst we were in Sussex. We did some reading and found out how intelligent they are, and that they can learn their names and be taught tricks. Obviously we spent many obsessive hours on youtube watching videos of them too! We found a lovely local-ish breeder who we bought 4 little baby girls from. We were only going to get 3 but the breeder gave us one more for free because she was the only one left in the litter and it would be better for her to go with her sisters.

They are absolutely adorable and each have very distinctive personalities! Their names are Sylvia, Morgan, Daphne and Pepper. Pepper and Daphne are dumbo-eared, which means their ears are on the side of their heads as opposed to the top, which is very cute. Pepper is a big bruiser and clearly the boss of the cage. She was the one we took on as an extra. Sylvia is very placid, but likes to try and escape from everywhere. Morgan is quite skittish and VERY fast; she also likes to get involved whenever any of the others are having play-fights. Daphne was really nervous of us when we first brought them home and we thought it would take her a while to learn to trust us. We've only had them for 4 days though and she is already crawling onto our hands of her own accord, and she's always the first one to try and get out when we open the cage. So it's fair to say we're kind of obsessed with our new babies! Thankfully our housemates think they're cute as well. At first Annie and Mike weren't keen on the idea but now that they see them running around and generally being the cutest little fuzzes ever, they've very quickly fallen for them :)

Harriet x

My favourite blogs

Saturday, 5 July 2014
I've had a few days off rehearsals so have been back in London, relaxing and catching up on other work. I've been designing some posters for friends' shows, doing lots of cooking and trying to learn my lines for this coming week! My brother is rehearsing a play in London soon too so he's coming to stay with me from tomorrow. I haven't seen him for a while so it will be nice to see him and catch up.

Anyway, I just thought I'd do a quick post about the blogs that I read really frequently. I love finding new blogs so maybe there will be some on here you haven't visited before. It's also nice to share the love. I was initially going to do a Top 10 but actually these are my favourite and most frequented blogs so I decided to stick to these.

  • Being Little  - I love Lyzi's blog and always make sure I'm up to date. She has great style, blogs about some cool things and is also a lovely person.
  • The Dainty Squid - Kaylah's blog is just a goldmine of inspiration to me. Her photography, adventures, hobbies and, obviously, pets are what I love about this blog.
  • From Gem With Love - Gem's blog is a great lifestyle blog, she's really good at writing with a good balance between fashion/beauty etc and more personal stuff.
  • Ebba Zingmark - Ebba is the reason I wanted to dye my hair red about 5 years ago! I've been reading her blog for years and can't believe how awesome she is, especially for her age. 
  • Geninne's Art Blog - I've been getting my desktop calendars from Geninne's blog for ages, and her artwork is so beautiful, not to mention her photography.
  • Vivatramp - Bee is another lovely blogger who I had the chance to meet a couple of years ago in Bristol. I love her blog, especially her book reviews. 
  • Ghostparties - If you like beauty blogs I'm sure you already read Kate's blog. I love her product reviews, despite the fact they make me want to spend too much money. She also has the cutest cat called Mouse!

In other news, meet Bonnie! She is our new kitten and she's so adorable. She was incredibly shy when we first brought her home but she's massively come out of her shell over the past week or so and is now enjoying wreaking havoc by doing typical kitten things like chewing, running around like a madman and attacking anything that moves. Oh, and stealing socks. Like a dog... I never have normal pets. 

Harriet x

Phoenix Park

Friday, 20 June 2014
I was in central London the other day and had a few hours to kill in between meetings and stumbled on a little park in Soho called Phoenix Park. It was nice because it wasn't open, it was basically a twisty path through a park with benches secluded along the way and trees and flowers in between. The weather was lovely so I chilled out the for the afternoon with a book, coffee and my camera.

It was lovely and quiet, although there were people on almost all of the benches (and a distinct smell of weed coming from one corner..!). It felt really out of the way and a nice little escape in the middle of a really busy area. 

I'm going to Brighton tomorrow for a while as I've just got a part in another play in Sussex - can't keep me away from the place at the moment! I'm going to be back and forth until near the end of July now, but obviously I'll take my laptop with me (so expect some Sussex updates!) and I'll have a few days off in between rehearsals where I'm sure I'll come back to London to see Jason and my housemates. 

The company I'm working with are really cool. They're a horse drawn company, so they travel around with a horse and wagon to pull the set and everything like in ye olde times! This play isn't a full tour, just a development phase, so sadly I won't be travelling around with a horse and wagon (boo!) but hopefully if all goes to plan there will be a full travelling tour next year. We're rehearsing in Brighton and performing in Kent, so for the last week of Kent we'll be camping on location, which I'm excited about because I love camping! I just hope it doesn't chuck it down with rain, because that would be typical of England, and also a surefire way to make a bunch of people quickly wonder what we're doing in a soggy field trying to rehearse a play..! So fingers crossed for glorious weather and a lovely experience :)

Harriet x

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