Back to Uni

Friday, 24 September 2010
I'm going back to university tomorrow, I'm so excited, I really can't wait to be back! Holidays are nice, but it's not even sunny anymore, and nobody is about, they've all left home already. So I am fully ready to be back at uni. I'm going to be on my own for a bit because my housemates aren't back until next week, but there will be other people around, so it should be fun.

I have no new looks at the moment because I have been lazing around the house in leggings and t-shirts pretty much all week! Also, I'm not sure when I'll have Internet at my new house, it may be a week or so. But I'll still be able to get online at some point. Also, I didn't pass my driving test :( which is a shame. It was all going quite well until we were on a country lane, which I really don't like because it gets all windy and can be quite dangerous. Anyway, I was slowing down when a rabbit ran in front of the car and I changed from 3rd gear into 4th by mistake when I meant to go into 2nd. So the car started juddering about and I was really confused because I didn't realise I had gone into 4th. So that's why I failed. But apart from that the drive was fine so I should pass next time. 



  1. Aw, I hope you're having fun at university, Harriet! Haha, I kinda wish I was in school this year, work is so not worth it xD

    What? That's a silly reason to not pass a driving test! People all the time mistake where they set the gears and whatnot. But I bet you'll do awesome next time! Are driving tests in the UK always with standard cars? We use automatic ;)

  2. Hey congrats on the win at!

    P.S. I love your outfits on LookBook!

  3. just came across your blog through, so jealous you won the bag! loved your winter boots post, really like all the river island and new look ones! :) x

  4. Love your blog! You have great style hehe (from the looks of your cute outfit below). And don't worry bout not passing your driving test! Try again (: I don't even have my L yet haha. I've been to lazy to go take the test.

  5. Ah thanks for liking my blog! It's suffering at the moment because of all the work I have but will have to update with some more looks soon! Yeah I wish I could drive an automatic haha! We have to pass in a standard manual first.



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