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Tuesday, 7 September 2010
I thought I should try and wear this top more because otherwise it was a complete waste of money, you know when you have clothes that you really love and think they're so nice, but you never actually wear them because you're not sure how to or don't have the confidence? This is one of those outfits. I don't really have a specific style so one day I'll be wearing a dress, another day I'll be wearing shorts and a nice top and then some days I'm wearing jeans and a big jumper and I never really know where some outfits fit. I don't want to be too overdressed for a normal day (especially when you can't keep it up everyday) but then don't want to be too underdressed for a different occasion. Phew, fashion is hard work! ;)

So anyway, the top and shorts are from Topshop, the cardigan is from Urban Outfitters, the belt and boots are from Primark and the tights are by Henry Holland, I got them from River Island.

I saw that fashion my legs blog had included me in their "this week's favourite lookbook legwear looks",  which is nice :) I love patterned tights and cool socks so that was a compliment. The annoying thing is I find that no sooner have a bought a pair of tights and worn them once that they seem to get a million holes in straight away. I've learned that the more expensive tights from Topshop are just as likely to rip as the £2 ones from Primark, so I tend to try and not spend too much on tights if I think they're not going to last. These Henry Holland ones seem to be much thicker and look much stronger than most others so I thought they were worth the money. It's funny because I had some really nice stripy tights from Topshop that lasted about one wear and then the bow tights from Primark in my look "That secret that you know" have lasted for ages! I guess price isn't always representative of quality.

So I'm about to go into town with my friend and this has been relatively safe recently because I've been practically broke and therefore known I can't spend much money. However, what I forgot was that I have a rather large overdraft which I have never gone into, and I know my student loan will be in my bank account in a month's time. So it's very tempting to spend money now! I'm going to really try and be good and not buy anything but I can't promise anything! I've got a whole wishlist for Autumn/Winter so I'm going to have to pace myself and work out what is going to have to be crossed off! 

I know nobody's commented here yet but I hope a couple of people have been reading. I can't wait until my 10 days on lookbook are up and then I can finally post on the lookbook forums and start interacting more on the site! Hopefully that will also direct a bit more traffic to my blog, because it's nice to write to people, and not purely just for myself.. makes me feel a bit weird, like a diary, but that's visible to everyone! Anyway, I'll stop babbling now and get to the point. If anyone is reading this, what's on your Autumn/Winter wishlist this year, what are your must-haves and your would-likes? Thanks for visiting!

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