Wednesday, 8 September 2010
Today I've had a really lazy day. I didn't have a driving lesson this morning so I had a nice long lie-in and then stayed in bed reading and going on the Internet. I've been deciding what I can afford to buy this season, lusting after certain shoes, bags and clothes, and thinking that I really should apply for a job at a clothing shop. It would be so beneficial to me! Think about it, an allowance to spend on clothes to wear as a uniform, discount on clothes and you'd get to have first pick before your size runs out! Maybe I should apply to Topshop or somewhere like that when I go back to uni.

I did another page of my Wreck This Journal today (read my first post about it here) so I'll be posting a picture of that tomorrow and hopefully a new look including my new shoes :)

And one last thing, I'm really liking this faux fur gilet from Topshop (£50), I haven't seen any others this length yet and I wonder if anywhere else has got something similar at the moment. I think the pom-poms are really cute, I'd also love a knitted hat with pom-poms on this year! Very cute :) I think the gilet would be perfect for Autumn, before you need a really heavy coat, but it still has a wintery feel about it. I think it would look nice with either skinny jeans and a long-sleeved top for a casual look or a cute dress, ankle boots and over-the-knee socks for a pretty but still casual look.

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