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Monday, 13 September 2010
So, I haven't got any new looks at the moment because I haven't really been doing much. I've been wearing my comfiest clothes and generally staying at home this weekend. I went for a drive with my Mum the other day, the first proper drive I've done in her car. I think she was surprised! She said I was a better driver than she'd thought, which is kind of a backhanded compliment, but it's better than her saying the opposite I guess haha! So I'm having a driving lesson every day this week to prepare for my test next Monday. I think I should be ok, I just hope I don't make some stupid mistake like forget to make a final check at the end of a manoever or something and get a fail. Eh, I'm sure I'll be fine. 

Yesterday I helped my Mum dig up the border in our garden because we were planning on planting some bulbs and other plants. We didn't quite get around to that because we spent the whole time attacking the brambles that had completely overtaken the garden and spread everywhere. Their roots were so deep, it took ages to get them out. I woke up today and my legs are killing! I feel as though they've had a serious workout, like I'd run a marathon or something! And the worst thing is, my Mum says hers don't hurt at all!! Shows who was doing the serious grafting then eh ;) So I had a plan today that I was going to do loads of things after my driving lesson.. Bake some scones or some macaroons (or both!) and hopefully do some adjusting of clothes that I've been meaning to do for a while. That completely went out of the window when I discovered how much it hurts to walk. So, I've been sitting in the living room for most of the day in an old cosy jumper of my Mum's, drinking jasmine tea, watching trashy films and reading Vogue. What an easy life I lead eh?! I'm bored at the moment but I bet I'll be missing these days of lazing about when I go back to Uni in a couple of weeks!

So I've been compiling a wishlist of clothes that I want to buy (or more likely, hope, dream, imagine I could buy) this season, but I've hit a snag. I don't want to finish it and say, this is it! This is what I want! Because.. I can't find the perfect boots. I know what I want, I've seen many almost-perfect versions of what I want. I want an ankle boot, fur or sheepskin lined (faux, so as to have a hope of being affordable) with maybe a buckle or some kind of detail. I know, I hear you cry, they are everywhere at the moment! But what I can't decide is whether I want black or tan (I love tan, but I have tan ankle boots, maybe black would go with more.. but I already have black biker style boots etc etc) because I don't want to be buying two pairs of expensive boots this season, I think realistically I will have to settle for one nice pair. And the other thing I can't decide is heel height. I think the ones with a heel, maybe quite chunky, look nicest, and are more flattering on the leg.. but are they the most practical? I want to be able to wear them everyday, and being a student, I don't wear heels in the day. I am extremely short, and oh how I wish I could wear heels every day, but I think I would just look like I'm trying too hard. But then I'm wondering if a low heel would be the best of both worlds. And this is what I'm finding hard to get, the right combination. Something that is affordable but looks well-made, not too high, nor completely flat, the right colour (because the wrong shade of tan can very easily look tacky) and with a nice-looking (and feeling) lining. And ultimately, that will fit me and that I can wear on a daily basis with skinnies or tights and dresses etc. So, here's what I've narrowed it down to so far. Hopefully you can help me, and this will help anyone who's also struggling to decide which boots are right for them this year.

River Island, £39.99 (I think this is a good price) They only have a size 7 on the website at the moment though. Maybe they'll have a 3 instore.. it's always a gamble with Topshop and River Island though, their 3s always seem too big. That's why I'm thinking a furry lining would be good, might pad them out a bit!

Topshop, £95.00 Aren't these beautiful?! Imagine those with a skirt and leather jacket, beautiful. But there is obviously no way I could wear these in the day, and as much as I love them I don't think I could afford them even if I was going to wear them all day every day, let alone the few occasions I think I could actually wear them.

River Island, £39.99 Again, I think these are a good price, I'm not sure about the colour though. I sometimes think a tan this bright, especially with that really pale sole can look a bit tacky. Am I right or am I being overly fussy?! Also, not sure if I want a suede look, was thinking leather might be nicer. Both the River Island boots I've shown so far also come in black. I don't like these ones in black at all, the contrast with the sole is too big. The other ones are nice in black though.

New Look, £34.99 I think these are lovely, a good price and are very similar to the Topshop ones at a much nicer price! I would love these! But, I'm not sure where they would fit into my wardrobe.. I don't think I could wear them in the day because of the heel, but I couldn't wear them out in the night because I think they'd be too warm and I wouldn't wear a boot to a club. I suppose they'd be good for semi-casual evenings out, but I don't have too many of those. It's either casual for the day, or dressed up for the night, there's not really an in-between where these fit. What do you think?

Ok, these are amazing! They're only £29.99 from New Look and they look much more expensive than that in my opinion. These aren't really a serious consideration for me (although I would love them) but I just put them in here to show you how nice they are! I think I'd wear them with a patterned dress and big chunky scarf. These also come in black but I think this is a really nice deep reddish brown.

Ok, these are the last ones from New Look, they're £29.99 and is it just me or are they the perfect combination of what I'm looking for? Of course they are, which is what everybody else realised before me, and why they're out of stock. LOL. Typical. But, I'm sure they'll still be instore and they must be really popular so they'll get more in, so I'm not too worried. I think New Look have got some really nice shoes and boots this year and their prices are so much more student friendly! Especially with the 10% student discount on top! These also look great in black too, and for that price I could probably afford both over the course of Autumn and Winter! I think they'd be a bit nicer if they were slightly more tan, but the good thing about this colour is it's not too loud, it would go with so much and be stylish but not too much and so I could probably get away with the heel too. If you go to New Look's website the brown version of these are shown in the main picture on the left. I think they look really nice here, a comfortable height and perfect for this season. I think that image shows them in a better light so if you're unconvinced I suggest you have a look there :)

These ASOS platform boots are £45.00 which I think is quite good because they seem like good quality shoes, however they don't really fit my criteria. They are the sort of shoes I would buy if I were the type to wear heels on a daily basis. Perfect for Autumn. 

These are also from ASOS and are £55. They are neither brown nor black but I think the colour is lovely and they are suede. The faux fur trim also looks really nice and cosy. Once again, the heel is a bit high and they are a bit out of my price range considering all the other things I want to buy at the moment. I would definitely consider them as a Christmas present or a sale buy though, the heel would definitely give me a bit more height, I just wonder if they're comfy enough, as I'm not used to wearing heels in the day. Also, the problem with ASOS is that you can't try on before you buy, and because I have such awkward shaped feet (small size 3, nowhere seems to fit, and narrower & shallower than average) it's always a risk with buying online. Those cage-type shoes never work on me because there's always a massive gaping hole where they should be clinging to the front of my foot.

I think these boots from Office are pretty perfect right now in terms of practicality and understated style. They look comfy and classic and like they would last forever. They're £65.00 which isn't too bad if you think you'll wear them for a long time to come. They don't fit in with my category of fur lined, but they are very nice. They also come in black.

These are also from Office and come in both black and brown. They don't look that exciting, which is why I would struggle to spend £87.00 on them, but they do look comfy and casual and perfect for wearing everyday. The only problem is they look like they would be a bit long for me in terms of the toe. I guess I would have to try them on. I definitely don't think I could afford these as well as buying various other things I want to in the next few months, so if I were to choose these I would probably get them as a Christmas present.

So that's about it really. For someone looking for boots who has a bit more money to spend, Aldo and Zara have got some nice boots that I didn't include because there was no point. I couldn't bear to look at even more expensive ones though! So, out of these ones I think the first ones from River Island and the ones from New Look that I've shown in both colours are my favourites in terms of price and everything else. However, if I can I will definitely be treating myself to the buckled high ones from New Look too! If I could convince myself to wear them I could definitely be persuaded! Haha! It would probably mean sacrifices of other things though.. like food. No, I'm kidding, but I probably wouldn't be able to buy other stuff. We'll have to see. Which ones do you think I should get. It would be typical that the two I actually am considering buying are either sold out or not in stock in my size. Luckily, the New Look in Bristol has a good shoe selection, so I might be in luck! 

Sorry for this very long post, hopefully it will help me come to a conclusion about these boots.. I haven't even tried to decide on flats yet! ;) Anyway, if you've been struggling with the vast choice of ankle boots at the moment (because let's face it, we really are spoilt for choice this year!) then I hope this has shown you a good selection of high street choices available! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other suggestions. I'd love to know your opinion on the whole "heels in daytime" issue I'm having. Do you think the kind of chunky low heel I've shown here is alright for walking to lectures and general daywear, or would you say that for a student, heels are strictly eveningwear?

Thanks for visiting, Harriet. x


  1. get on! they have cheaper ones similar to loads that you've posted x

  2. I´ve got the same problems!
    i love boots but I can´t decide which one to choose. :D
    I´ve seen really pretty ones at H&M.
    greets, S.

  3. i love the new look shearling boots, i've wanted them for ages! nice post :) xo

  4. I've been wanting the lace up boots from office for so long! i might just have to get them, love the blog! just stumbled accross it x

  5. I’ve been trying to exercise and drink more tea everyday. With and these flowering teas, it’s been a breeze!

    Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!


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