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Saturday, 4 September 2010
I love Bon Iver :) It's just such great music to relax and listen to. This lyric is from Blood Bank. Anyway, this is what I wore today. Except, I changed my shoes to tan ankle boots because they were more comfy. But I couldn't be bothered to take another picture. I'm going out tonight with my friends so I'll probably take a picture of what I decide to wear. I'm thinking of doing a post about my Autumn/Winter wishlist. There's some things I can't afford, and there's some that I just have to have, I may have to sacrifice food. Haha, I wish I could do that, I spend way too much money on food when I'm at uni. I can't wait to go back, only a couple more weeks really. Technically I could move in now because I have the keys to our house and stuff. But I'm sticking around at home until at least the 20th because that's when my driving test is. I know, I should have done this like two years ago when everyone else did! But better late than never eh?! I hope I pass.. squeezing in lots of lessons right now to make sure I'm ready. So after that I can move back to Bristol, where it will be even harder to resist shopping and spending all my money on lovely new clothes!

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