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Monday, 6 September 2010
She & Him are a great band that I discovered this year through a friend. I can't stop listening to them on spotify, I'm pretty sure I know most of the words to most of the songs now! I had a bit of a drama with my camera today. I thought I'd take some pictures of this outfit because I really like it and wear it all the time, but my camera had other ideas. Firstly, it took me ages to find a good place to take the photographs, there seems to be nowhere in my house to do this other than the stairs. I don't like it when there are cluttered backgrounds in pictures unless it's been really planned and somehow adds to the photo. So after a million years of taking some shots I finally went to upload the pictures onto my laptop only to find out that they were in an "unreadable format" or something. I have had this camera for a few years now and always upload the pictures onto my laptop, and this has never happened, so I was very confused. It was like all the photos were cut up and half-processed, really weird. I'm not sure why it happened, but I couldn't salvage any of the photos so I took them again, having finally found a good place to do it. So, what I thought would take about half an hour has probably taken about 3! I wouldn't normally mind but I'm meant to be making our dinner for tonight! So after this post I better get to it!

The top I'm wearing has really nice chain detail on the neckline and breast pocket, which is cute. The top and shorts are both from H&M, the belt is from Topshop, the tights are from M&S and the heels are from Primark. I went to about 4 different Primarks around the country to get these shoes because the last pair in my local shop had something wrong with them and I really wanted them. I find it so hard to find shoes to fit my feet and it's actually quite good that places like Primark tend to have quite small shoe sizes. I can no longer buy shoes in places like Topshop, either my feet have shrunk or their sizes have got bigger. And somehow I don't think my feet should be shrinking at the age of 19. Why have their sizes got bigger?! I can't even buy flats there, let alone heels! Anyway, these heels have lasted quite a while and are pretty good quality when you think about how much they cost (£19).


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