Wreck This Journal

Friday, 3 September 2010

I bought this book from Amazon the other day and literally couldn't wait for it to arrive in the post. My Mum also wanted one when I told her about it, so now we both have one. I saw someone mention it in the forums on lookbook so I decided to investigate. I googled the book and spent literally hours browsing through all the photos of people's WTJ. The idea is that to "wreck" is to change in some way, so by "wrecking" the journal you are doing lots of things to it, such as stamping on it, painting over it, cutting it etc. The book is full of instructions on how to "wreck" each page. However, it's quite a challenge (for me, anyway) to "wreck" the book. I'm worried about messing it up, I want it to look visually appealing so the point is to challenge perfectionism and just go for it! So far I've coloured in the front cover, done the page that says "colour this entire page" and the "trace your hand" page. I don't think I would have been as interested in the book had I not seen all the images on google of what was possible. The instructions are more like guidelines and you can do whatever you want to the journal. So I'm trying to "wreck" in a way that is still productive by breaking down my desire for perfectionism, but also that I can enjoy looking at it after. I'm also going to document my progress by taking pictures of the journal at various stages. So, here is my WTJ so far, I urge you to look at other people's attempts on google, they will inspire you!

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