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Sunday, 7 November 2010
So I've been a bit MIA for a few weeks now! I am sitting in my living room at home and writing my first blog post in a while. So apologies for that. But to put into perspective how busy I've been and to excuse my absence somewhat... this is the first time I've been home since I went back to uni, which was 5 weeks ago now. That may not seem that impressive, but last year I came home from uni quite a lot, and I don't think I've ever gone more than 2 or 3 weeks without seeing my Mum. But I've literally had so much work and other stuff to do that I haven't been back home. I also have barely been on lookbook or any of the usual blogs and websites I follow. It's also been great to be this busy though, I always find I'm much more productive when I've got lots of things to be doing.

I study drama at uni and this year I've been doing way more extra-curricular stuff than last year. It was so scary to be a first year before and I was pretty terrified of getting involved last year (I was also a bit preoccupied with the social side of uni!!) But this year I'm doing a lot more already. I don't know whether it's because I'm a second year and I feel more confident now or whether it's just knowing how to organise my time a bit better but I'm enjoying everything about this year so much. I just produced a show with my friend Katie, which went brilliantly, and have got two more projects coming up as well as a lot of reading and work for my actual course, so it's all exciting but stressful right now.

I'm also having to deal with living in a house this year, something that's been both brilliant and at times not so fun. I'm living with 5 other people and we're a really close group of friends. We have a great house and we're in a great neighbourhood and for the majority of the time I love living there. However, I am quite a clean-freak... and some of my housemates are... well, let's say messy. Ok, it's not that bad because one of my housemates (the messiest) often does these massive clean-ups and the place looks great afterwards, I just don't like the state the house gets into in between his clean-ups! I just have to turn a blind eye to it though because if I spent my whole time cleaning it to how I'd like it I would never leave the house!

The other week our house got picked to be on Radio 1's student tour show with Fearne Cotton. Let me just say.. IT WAS AMAZING. FEARNE is AMAZING! I love her! She's so lovely and we had the best day! If you're interested you can go on the Radio 1 website and on Fearne's section there's pictures and videos etc of me and my housemates in Bristol. Fearne and the production team came round to our house for breakfast (which we may have slightly burned, but to be honest we were so excited we forgot there were croissants in the oven!) and then we went to the Union and took part in the show throughout the morning, which involved various challenges, one being Gig Date that I took part in! For that part of the show me and my housemate Lucy did a blind-date-style challenge which ended in us going to the gig that night (the Klaxons - SO good!) on a double date with two random guys who participated. Let's just say the whole show was hilarious and we had a brilliant day. My housemate Josh (who is the funniest person I have ever met) clearly made a big impression on the producers because he's practically a regular on Radio 1 now! Ok, slight exaggeration, but he's been on Jo Whiley's show twice now, just because he's funny to talk to! How cool is that?! I don't even mind that he gets all the attention because he is so hilarious to listen to.

And one more thing before I go! Due to the crazy busy lifestyle I've been leading for the past few weeks (ok, not crazy, just busy!) I did not even realise that I had won Lily Melrose's Alexa-esque bag giveaway!!! Thankfully, she had kindly waited a few days for me to get in touch, thinking this may have been the case. So thank you so much to Lily for doing this generous giveaway! She is sending it to me this week, and this gives me an excuse to finally do some more lookbook pictures.

Thanks for visiting, Harriet :)

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