Busy, but nearly Christmas!

Friday, 10 December 2010
I'm ridiculously busy at the moment! Today I finally finished editing my films for our unit project next week. I was in a group with my friend Steph and our project turned out really well, we're so proud! They're being screened next week so we've been busy for the past fortnight filming and editing but we're both so organised it was a dream team and we've finished right on schedule. I know some people are having to go into the department over the weekend to finish editing - so glad we don't have to do that. I also made the poster to advertise the screening, which I'm pleased with. The screening will consist of the whole class's films being shown in various locations through the department - some in the cinema and some in other parts in an installation format. We all have individual titles (ours is 'To and From') and the whole project has been named 'There's no (place like) home'. The unit has been about globalisation and it's been really interesting. Most of our projects focus on the idea of displaced people or individuals, hence the name of the project.

I've also had essays and things for the other side of the course, so I've been busy busy busy. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either, so I need to get on that asap! Although I have no idea what I'll be buying yet as I am extremely poor at the moment! Oh, the life of a student! And to top it all off they're going to increase tuition fees to £9,000 a year. Great, just what we need to encourage more people to go to university, get a good job, improve the economy and make our country better for future generations. Or not.

I have thoroughly exhausted my emotions about the education cuts and fee rises in the past fortnight and only have this left to say. Nick Clegg is a coward and a liar. I know he is in a coalition government, but that does not make it ok to completely disregard a pledge that he made to his voters. To be honest, I would rather it was Labour who were doing this, because at least we wouldn't have been lied to. I doubt that the Lib Dems would even be in power if it weren't for them courting the student vote, and this is the first thing they do. Well, it's just going to ensure they're not in power again for another 50 years. Congrats.

Anyway, moving on from my bitter attitude towards Cleggy, I think I'm going to relax and watch some TV :) Has anyone seen this week's Gossip Girl?! Loved it! There were a couple of bits that annoyed me but I won't mention them in case you haven't seen yet and want to watch.

Bye for now

Harriet x


  1. Hello Harriet, you have a cool blog even for a guy. Have u tried out for skins?

  2. No I haven't, I do love skins though :) And thank you!

  3. Here I was thinking that every drama student in Bristol would have tried out haha did you have a good christmas or is that a blog post to come?

  4. One of my friends was almost JJ in the last series! But apart from that I don't think anyone else did actually! It is indeed a blog post to come :) I'm having a nice christmas thanks, how is yours?

  5. Well you looked like you had a nice time from the photos and a bit jealous you get snow at christmas. Mine was pretty good, christmas dinner always taste better when you are a little hungover i find. What are you up to for new years? oh i just reread your post from above and its pretty shit that have increased fees on you, do you have to pay outright, or is there a student loan system?

  6. Yeah, it's strange this is the first year we've had snow this early though. We've had it in January and February for the past couple of years but never this early and this much! Probably a good thing as Britain never seems to cope well with it. Oh well, that's climate change for you!

    I'm not sure yet as I'm trying to gauge the options for New Years and decide whether to stay at home with friends, do whatever my Mum is doing, or go to Bristol with uni friends. Knowing me and my friends it will be a last minute decision that is not very well planned! I'll just go with the flow :) How about you?

    The fees increase won't actually affect me, but it will affect my younger brother when he goes to uni, which he wants to do. And it means a lot of people who would struggle now would find it virtually impossible :( There is a loans system, which I think is actually quite good (when they do it on time) but obviously the more you borrow the bigger the debt - not something you want in the current financial climate. And to make matters worse a degree in drama doesn't really lead straight into a career lol! My family always joke that I'll be waitressing for the rest of my life!

    Sorry for such a long reply!! Where are you from then, as I take it you're not from the UK if you don't know about the loans etc..?

  7. Well I'm not from the northern hemisphere, hence my jealousy of the snow! Yes it sounds like the snow has caused some trouble of late.
    I have never really thought about what ppl in the uk do for new years, so thats interesting. Well as I'm from Australia it's summer music festival season here, so I am off to the falls festival for new years. My favorite band, Interpol are playing so that will be good and the klaxons are bringing in the new year, another bonus.
    The fee system sounds like the same as aus, but as you said, more debt isn't great. I wasn't even going to comment about the drama degree job prospects :p I spose you would be going back to uni soon? Did you end up getting your license?

  8. Ah I've always wanted to go to a festival, maybe in 2011!! Ah my brother's favourite band is Interpol too, he's coming to stay with me in Bristol to see them in March. And I saw the Klaxons at a gig in the student union too, they were really good!

    Umm I think I'm back around the 15th-17th of January, something like that. So I have a couple of weeks to panic about work etc..! No I didn't, and because of the weather it hasn't been a great time to rebook my test. Over Christmas my uncle took me out in their car and it was fine, so I just need to get on and do it now!

  9. Maybe Glastonbury or Reading? I will get along to Glastonbury one year i'm sure. I am glad to hear he has good taste in music, you can tell him they are good live and I am going to see them again this Friday in Melbourne at a sideshow, which will be even better i'm sure. What did you end up doing for your new years?
    Oh so you have more time to go shopping and not worry about uni! Yeah I can't say I learnt to drive in the snow, so i'm sure that makes it more interesting. Are you downloading gossip girl as its aired in america?

  10. Yeah my friends have been to Glasto and said it's really fun. I stayed in for New Years this year, boring I know, but I was really tired! Just had a glass of prosecco with my Mum and watched fireworks :)

    Haha I wish it worked like that but to shop you need money! Which I have none of currently! However I still managed to buy a new lens for my camera and a new sketchbook today, I'm not sure where this money materialised from! :/

    Well I do download it normally but I'm pretty sure UK has caught up with US now because they had a week or two break in which the UK caught up.. unless it's already started again in the US... which means.. why am I sitting around when I could be watching?!?! Haha, I'll have to check the dates now, I hope it is out, I am definitely a GG addict, as much as I know it's absolute trash :D Who can not watch something with so many clothes and shoes?!

    Hope you had a good New Years :)


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