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Friday, 31 December 2010
I'm sorry if this is an excess to you, but I quite like a visually interesting blog and mine sometimes lacks lots of photos. And as it's New Year's eve, when better to take a few pictures to show you what I'm enjoying right now and will be in 2011?! 

My Mum and I went in to town today to get out of the house and have a look around. We ended up spending a lot of money!! As opposed to normal, she spent a lot more than me! In fairness, most of what she bought was stuff for the house that we needed, so that doesn't really count but she also bought a nice jumper dress in Warehouse. I bought a velvety t-shirt in the Topshop sale that I'd had my eye on for a while and some underwear too. Then I bought a pack of 3 rings in Oasis (on sale for £3), which are quite simple but nice. I always get excited when I find rings that fit my fingers and buy them even if they're not that special because I can never buy rings in most of the places I shop because my fingers are too small. But one of them has a little bird on it, which I really like. Then I got some eyeshadow in Marks & Sparks (which Mum kindly paid for) as well as tights which I desperately needed as I always rip them! We also popped into Wilkinsons because my Mum had decided she was on a mission to get lots of stuff for the house (apparently it's a New Years thing, a bit like a spring clean... only in winter..) and I found these Union Jack cushions that are really nice, sort of velvety. So we bought one for me and one for my brother. Oh, and also some pretty notecards in Debenhams. I also decided to treat Nibbles the hamster and bought him a bag of sunflower seeds (his favourite) and a couple of things for his cage. He must like them because he hasn't moved from the little grass & hemp house since I put it in there. He's just sitting in it eating sunflower seeds! Cute :)

Then I also thought I'd show you things like books and dvds I'm enjoying at the moment and will be reading in 2011, as well as the essential products I'm using at the moment and other bits and bobs :)

All three were Christmas presents: I finished Never Let Me Go the other day and recommend it, it's touching and sad and I can't wait to watch the film. I saw 500 Days of Summer when it was released and really enjoyed it, if you havent seen it already then do: a funny and touching comeback to the stereotypical rom-com. I especially love the musical sequence!! I'd never heard of He loves me, he loves me not, but knew I'd enjoy it because Audrey Tautou is in it. I watched it yesterday with my Mum and it didn't disappoint. In fact, I was still thinking about it today, it's creepy at the end!

And two books I'll be referring to in the year to come. Delia's cookbook was another Christmas present which will be used not only in 2011 but for a long time I don't doubt! Let's be honest, Delia is the queen of the kitchen! I don't particularly love her as a person (soz bbz), but I have to admit you can't go far wrong with Delia and she knows her stuff. The Arthur Miller biography should come in useful this coming term as I am doing a unit on American Theatre (which I can't wait for!) so I'll probably be studying several of his plays. 

I'm loving my shearling backpack from Zara, using my new jewellery stand, spritzing Marc Jacobs' Daisy, wearing Cath Kidston-esk pyjamas from Primark (steal!), adoring my long sparkly necklace from Topshop, listening to Ellie Goulding's Bright Lights album, patiently waiting to get a lens for my Canon EOS 50e camera (which I bought for £10 from a charity shop, BOOM), vandalising mirrors with the 'Read My Lips' marker that was in my stocking this year, and last but not least worshipping these beauty products, from left to right: Jo Malone shower gel (yummy), Clinique 3 step skin care regime, Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliator (magic!) and Aveeno moisturiser which I only discovered recently (where have you been all my life?!) Phew! Lots of pictures!

And the best things about Christmas are most definitely sitting by wood burning stoves (preferably with a cup of something hot) and Christmas trees with their lights on...

Right now I'm salivating over the smell of my Mum making lasagne. I'm not going to lie, she makes the best lasagne in the world. You might think your Mum makes the best lasagne... but I guarantee you she doesn't ;) Thanks for reading, I hope you all have good a New Year's Eve, whatever you're doing.

Harriet x


  1. These are some awesome photos and presents. Your blog is great! i followed you hope you could return the favour :)

    happy new year!

  2. your hamster is so adorable and you got some really lovely presents!! xx

  3. Haha he is cute isn't he :) Thanks!


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