Sunday, 26 December 2010
Ok, so I admit, I did wake up several times throughout the night on Christmas Eve. We are staying at my Aunt and Uncle's in Nottingham for Christmas this year and I have young cousins, which is always exciting and fun around Christmas. So we got up quite early and came downstairs, waited nervously outside the door of the living room and then went in and opened presents whilst drinking tea. It was lovely. I love watching my Mum open presents I've bought her and I think I did pretty well this year, I got her the new Nigella cookbook that she asked for, lots of other books, including a special edition of 'The Great Gatsby' (her favourite book) and some other little bits. I also got some beautiful presents this year, a leather aviator jacket from ASOS that I asked for, lots of stocking things from my Aunt & Uncle (they also got me the blouse I'm wearing in my Christmas look), some dvds and books and more clothes. I felt so spoilt, but it was such a fun morning. In the afternoon we had the most epic Christmas Dinner ever, it was so scrumptious! 

It's nice being with extended family at Christmas, I think it creates a nice busy atmosphere. Christmas is the one time of year when you don't want the house to be quiet! Since my Dad died nearly two years ago I appreciate my family a lot more and it means a lot to be with them, especially at Christmas. I also love it here because they have a dog, two cats and a guinea pig and I love animals. We can't have pets at home because my Mum is allergic to pretty much anything with hair or feathers, and as much as I say I love ALL animals, reptiles don't appeal to me and I just couldn't have one of those hairless types of cat because they're just ugly. Sorry cats, but it's true. It's a good thing they can't read or use a computer otherwise they might have been upset by that... We did have fish that lasted quite a while but they're dead now and I also had a rabbit for quite a few years. I say to my Mum that the first thing I'm going to buy when I move out is another rabbit :) I have a hamster at the moment, called Nibbles.

I can't wait to post lots more looks of my new clothes (and old, now that I'm home and have better lighting) so an early New Year's resolution is to post more, because I don't post nearly enough at the moment! I hope you like the new look of things too, I thought I should change it up a bit and it would motivate me to post more! Right now I'm going to watch some rubbishy television with my family and read my new book ('Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro) Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas too! Here are some Christmas snaps!


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  1. Love the photos, hope you had a lovely christmas. Love the shorts your wearing in the last one aswell.
    Thanks for my comment i love ellie goulding's album too im addicted lol.


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