'Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid'

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hi there, I've just moved into my new house at uni so it's safe to say I am avoiding unpacking. Firstly, I hate it when my room is messy, but I know that when I start unpacking I will have to do it from start to finish, which will be exhausting, hence the procrastination. Also, I've been slightly preoccupied by the many things that are not working in the house. The first time I tried to: make a cup of tea, cook dinner, have a shower were all disasters. And I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in the creepy basement trying to turn the mains electricity back on. Not good. Last night I started cooking dinner (vegetarian enchiladas in case you were wondering) only to find half way through that the oven didn't work. I was already having to light the gas rings on the hob with matches because the ignition was broken. Don't worry though, the enchiladas quickly turned into fajitas with sauce on top and were delish! It's safe to say that I'm slightly resenting my house at the moment. And the house is actually lovely, it's just that nothing seems to work properly. So it's my landlords I'm resenting really. They had all summer to fix everything but it seems they didn't have time. They did, however, have time to come and collect the playstation that we were told was for watching DVDs on (I was getting really excited at the prospect of singstar nights as well!) but not to sort out the deathtraps that are the front and back gardens. Seriously, it's like a jungle out there, you have to battle with killer brambles to leave the house. Not cool. As for the title of this post - this Monday is enough to make me start drinking in the AM. Alright, I'm not actually that badass, I'm drinking tea, but WITH SUGAR! Ah, yeah. And I'm listening to Elbow, funnily enough.

Ok, rant over. House sucks, landlords are shit, you get it. Apart from that, I'm getting ready to start my work experience tomorrow, which is exciting. I'm spending just over a week working with mystreetchic.com which is a Bristol based fashion website. I'm not really sure what I'll be doing yet, but I think it involves writing some articles and also taking street style pictures of fashionable ensembles on the streets of Bristol. So, if you live in Bristol you may see me wielding a camera around at some point over the next week. I know, I make it sound so chic don't I? 

Obviously, this being a fashion blog, I can't ignore the fact that it is London Fashion Week at the moment. I think half the fun of LFW is seeing what everyone else is wearing, as well as what's parading down the catwalk. Although that's exciting too :) Obviously I am sadly not at LFW, instead I am in Bristol wearing the world's cosiest jumper (stupid cold house) and jeans... what, not blogworthy? I'll have you know that I often get compliments on this jumper. I definitely stole it from my Mum, who was not impressed. But hey, I say that if you don't wear something for ten years it's definitely fair game. In other words, you snooze you lose.. MINE NOW hehehe :)

I've also been lusting over clothes I wish I could afford, as usual. And if I weren't waiting with baited breath for the day my student loan presents itself in my bank account (please hurry up!) this is what I would be buying...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Mm, I know, so much navy and red and green. Yes, I want to look like one of Santa's elves. That's totally one of A/W 11's hottest trends. No but seriously, velvet ankle boots and velvet dungarees? Yes please. And as for the cosy jumpers I can tell you that they will come in very handy living in this ice cube tray, formerly known as my student house. I also really like these, but they didn't really fit into the collage:

1 & 2

I know, how many dungarees does one girl need? But look, this one's a dungaree dress. Completely different. Yep. And I'm also just a sucker for moustache t-shirts and anything shiny, hence the t-shirt. So, there's some clothes that I definitely can't afford. Oh well. Here's what else I'm loving recently:

1. Collecting recipes on Pinterest
2. Marimo moss ball pets on Etsy. I know, how can someone be this cool? Go on, click the link. You                       know you want one too.
3. Terrariums. Yet more greenery. But so cute, I'm going to make one. How cute are these: 1 and 2
4. Matte nail varnish top coat. I bought a cheap one from Boots, brill.

Thanks for reading, and check out mystreetchic.com over the next week or so, you never know you may see something by me on there!

Back to school checklist

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

So, another September has rolled around and although I won't be going back to school it still has that air of anticipation and fresh starts. For me, and probably lots of other people my age, September holds that 'New Year' feeling much more than January because it's always the start of the academic year. New school shoes, pens and pencils, fresh uniform (if only midi skirts were in when I was at school; skirt length was a constant battle between the teachers and 99% of the student female population) and if you're lucky a nice new pencil case. And I know I'm not the only one that gets excited at the prospect of stationary! Well, even though I won't strictly be going back to school, I will be going back to uni for my third (and final *shudder*) year, so I will be indulging in some new stationary! I'm not sure whether my budget will be stretching to new clothes, especially with the daunting realisation that this time next year I won't be about to receive a nice little present from my dear friend Student Finance! But anyway, these would be my back to school essentials.

As you can tell, I enjoy the "classic schoolgirl" look. Kilts and mini skirts are staples, as are collars of all shapes and sizes. Add a makeshift bow-tie with ribbon and you'll look the picture of schoolgirl innocence. I especially like the colour combination in the far right look.

(1, 2, 3, 4)
For a bit of a twist, add a splash of bright colour or better yet, some leather - ooh how riske! Ok, so I probably wouldn't wear leather to school or uni but it's still a great take on schoolgirl chic, is it not?

For those who can pull off a midi skirt (read: not me because it would cut my already vertically challenged frame in half and I would look like a torso stuck in two tree stumps.) I love these two looks. Midi skirts are more serious than minis but not as dramatic as a maxi. They have a certain studious quality about them (nope, just me?) that says, I'm here to work but I'm going to look good doing it! What could be more perfect at this time of year. These two outfits are both very Autumnal too, yum.

(1, 2, 3, 4)

Obviously you're going to need a stylish way to carry all your school books and supplies in, and I've found the perfect satchel and backpack to take you through Autumn and Winter. Go for a polished look with a chestnut satchel, or casual with an earthy backpack.
(1 & 2)

But if you're far too sophisticated for all that schoolgirl nonsense (I know I'm not!) then the other way to do back to school this September is to bring out the chalk and go schoolteacher chic. Still fun, but just more grown up, and ever so academic. All these outfits need are a desk and a stack of books and you have the makings of a stylish day at work. These skirts are perfect for September when it's not yet bitterly cold but you need something appropriate for work or school. Wear with a blouse first for a smart and chic look and then with knits later on to keep you warm in those notoriously chilly classrooms!

(1 & 2)

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

And here are a few cute back to school essentials that make me smile. I mean, just look at those paperclips! I got back from Edinburgh on the 31st and then had to sleep for a week! As soon as I came home I got ill, which was inevitable really. My immune system isn't great as it is, so after a solid month of late nights, hard work and a small (not to mention damp) basement flat crammed with too many people, I had already resigned myself to the fact that it would hit me as soon as I got home. But I'm feeling much better now so I'm busy preparing for my last year at uni (eek!) and other stuff. I'm also having a love affair with Pinterest right now, it's kind of addicting! 

Thanks for reading,

Friday 19th August

Friday, 19 August 2011

Arthur's Seat. We took a picnic up there last week and watched the sunset :)

So this is a little check in, I'm still in Edinburgh, still in a little bubble away from the real world. It's so bizarre, whilst people were rioting in London and other cities Edinburgh was just blissfully unaware, or so it seemed. It honestly took about 3 days for news of the outside world to reach me. I still don't really understand what happened or why, it's probably one of those things that is hard to get your head around after it's happened, but I hope everyone in the affected areas is ok. 

Meanwhile, up in good old Scotland (rainy as ever, of course) I've basically been in a routine of: get up, eat, go out and hand out flyers, eat, do the show, drink & eat, sleep. Obviously fuelled with much caffeine! It's fun, but exhausting and repetitive, not to mention cramped. The play is still going well, we've had a couple of good reviews, one from ThreeWeeks which I'm really happy about. We think the Scotsman was in last night too so fingers crossed for a good review from them! Also, the playwright, David Greig came to see it the other night because he has two other shows on here at the moment. Obviously we were all really nervous and excited because the play is so great we wanted to do it justice. Thankfully the audience was full and they were really enjoying it and the cast were all brilliant, probably because they had so much nervous energy! After the show we went down to the bar and he bought us all a drink and stayed chatting with us for quite a while and told us how much he enjoyed it! We were all so pleased, if we've impressed David Greig then we're happy! Just waiting for some more reviews to come out now, and in the meantime trying to get audiences in!

My mum is visiting next week, which is exciting! I'm trying to write a list of all the things she should see because there's so much to choose from! I'm hoping we get time to do a bit of shopping too because Edinburgh has sooo many great shops, but I haven't had a chance to go anywhere yet. 

Anyway, I better go now. Thanks for reading, sorry it's not very interesting at the moment!

Thursday 11th August

Thursday, 11 August 2011

This is a picture from the top of the Empire State Building, it was about 40 degrees at the time. New York was great, we did loads of stuff in Manhattan and Brooklyn. One of my favourite things though was the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. I had to queue for about an hour and a half but it was so worth it. I had an audio guide which described loads of the shows as I walked around and had interviews with people who knew him well. The clothes were just amazing, and it was presented throughout a series of rooms, with lights, multimedia and a soundtrack which made it really atmospheric. You can't take pictures inside otherwise I would have to show you a few of my favourite bits but I did buy a set of postcards with some great images on the front. 

New York was really great, we had some really nice meals out, we saw Daniel Radcliffe in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' (who knew he could sing and dance?!) and did some sightseeing and shopping around the city. The weather was crazy though, it was so hot the whole time, and because it was the city it was really muggy and uncomfortable heat, but it was still a nice change from the UK. 

Edinburgh, however, is a different story. I've been here for about a week now and it has rained about 60% of the time. On the days where it hasn't rained it's been really warm and sunny but when it rains, it bloody pours! Our show is going really well, although we need some more reviewers to come in. We've had two reviews so far but they were on the first and third nights before we'd really warmed up and got into the swing of it. We got a 3 star review from Broadway Baby and a 4 star review from ThreeWeeks. That's good, but I know we can do better, and the cast are capable of a 5 star review on a good night with a full audience, so I'm hoping for another reviewer soon.

I've seen a few shows so far, a couple bad but most have been really good. I saw some comedy the other night and one of the acts was 'the boy with tape on his face' who does his whole routine with tape on his mouth, so instead of speaking it's lots of physical theatre and audience participation. It was really funny, especially after a couple of drinks!

Sorry for the lack of updates but it's very hard to find time out to do anything here. I'm living in a three bedroom flat (which is damp and cold, nice) with 9 other people for a month so everyone gets pretty cramped and on top of each other. Most of the time we're out of the flat, either advertising 'Yellow Moon' on the mile (we made a massive moon out of wood and painted it) or seeing other shows. And, of course doing our own each night at 7pm. 

In fact, I'm off to see a dance show soon so I better go. Hope you're all well.


Wednesday 20th July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Not feeling well today so I've been in bed all day, but this is what I wore yesterday. The shoes are a recent Primark purchase, which I was very impressed with because even up close I don't think you'd know they were from Primark unless you'd seen them there. I'm going to try and get an early night tonight as I really don't want to be ill in New York! I think I'll try and get a good night's sleep and then get up and pack in the morning. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get there!

So even though it is definitely still summer it's that time of year when the Autumn and Winter collections are revealed and I am one of the many (I hope) who get very excited at the prospect of Autumnal colours, boots and layers! Some people say you should live in the moment, but there's just something about the future that looks better isn't there?! In reality it will be grey, rainy, slushy and impossible to maintain one's hairstyle come October, but right now those months hold the promise of woolly jumpers, fires and most importantly hot chocolate... mmm :) Perhaps if British summers resembled anything close to what we imagine them to be like from the depths of winter (BBQs, picnics, drinking icy drinks in the garden whilst wearing summer dresses that compliment a sunkissed tan) then we wouldn't all be so keen to move on into Autumn. While the picture of toasting marshmallows over a blazing fire might be a tad romanticised, our British winters are on the whole a lot more reliable than our summers! Which makes planning a winter wardrobe a lot more enjoyable...

Anyway, although it's mad to be thinking past August right now I thought I'd post a few pictures of the A/W collections. I especially love the dalmation themed show at Topshop Unique!

Marios Schwab


Burberry Prorsum

Topshop Unique

I love the black dress in the last image, especially with those tights! Right, off to bed, night. 


Tuesday 12th July 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

If only being busy looked this stylish. And if only I my desk were in the middle of a luscious field, although I'm not sure it would be conducive to a productive environment! Another day, another pathetic excuse. But I really have been busy. I won't bore you with the details but it's mainly consisted of preparations for Edinburgh this August. I know it will be fun and worth it when I'm there but at the moment it's all a bit of a headache. Aside from that, I'm in Wales at the moment with my grandparents and I've sprained my ankle today. So I'm sitting with my leg up watching TV and figured I should stop making excuses not to update! I hate getting out of a routine with something, so as soon as I get home I'll try and get into regular posting again. I've got lots to post!

I went to the south west blogger meet up in Bristol a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I did! The girls were all lovely and we had a great afternoon eating far too much, shopping for far too long in Primark and then chin wagging in Starbucks. We all had so much fun we forgot to take many pictures (bad bloggers!) but I think there may be one or two...

In other news I moved into my new student house last week, which is always fun. I am an organisational freak so the prospect of sorting out a new room and deciding where everything goes is actually rather exciting. I lead an exhilarating life, I know. I'm not actually living there at the moment as I'm away most of the summer but at least I've got the keys now and moved some of my stuff in so I won't have to do it all in September. 

I also need to decide what to pack for New York, which I'm so excited about! (New York, not the packing... although packing has its merits) I'm trying to decide all the things we're going to do and I want to squeeze as much as possible into the week we're there. I'm staying in Williamsburg so I'm looking forward to seeing Brooklyn as well as Manhattan; I've only been to New York once before and stayed in Manhattan and did the usual touristy things. I will definitely be taking pictures galore and hopefully will try to get in a few outfit posts as well, where better to be stylish than NYC?! I'm sure as soon as I get there I'll feel like SJP or Blair Waldorf, with a substantially smaller wardrobe (and budget!) I'm sure!

I'll be back soon, thanks for reading. I'm now trying to compile a Harry Potter quiz for my Mum. She's a teacher and they're having a Harry Potter day in school on Friday. I'm trying to decide how hard I should  make the questions... maybe I'll be really mean haha! I won't even mention the final film as I'm finding it difficult enough to contain my excitement already, without exploding all over the internet as well!

Red Hot!

Sunday, 5 June 2011
I don't know about the rest of the UK, but in Bristol it has been a hot weekend! We had a BBQ on Friday night out in the sunshine, it was perfect. I also went to the Zoo with my brother on Friday as well, which was nice. My favourite bit was the Feed the Lorikeets section where you could go in and these lorikeets (little rainbow birds, they look a bit like parrots) come and sit on your arm and drink nectar from little cups. As soon as we went inside one decided to sit on my head, sadly there's no photographic evidence as we were too stunned to act quickly, but it was hilarious. My brother had to prise me away because I just wanted to stay there and feed them all day!

Finally re-dyed my hair today, I've been meaning to do it for ages! I don't know why but the colour I use is rarely ever in stock so I've been looking out for it for ages. Either it's really popular and sells out quickly, or nobody ever buys it so they never stock it. Either way, it appears in Boots and Sainsbury's really sporadically, but I happened to spot it the other day. This is what it looks like now I've dyed it (literally a few hours ago, so it's very bright!)

If any of you live near Bristol then you may or may not know about a new fashion website that's recently launched, called mystreetchic.com. They're having a launch event at Cabot Circus next Saturday where you can get your hair done in a topknot for you, as well as manicures and makeovers. Here's a link to the event page - here. I'm definitely planning to go down and take advantage of free makeovers so maybe I'll  see some of you there!

Second year is over!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
So I've actually finished my second year of University... this is scary. This time next year I will be an actual adult. Ok, I'm an adult now but I'm still a student, I don't have a real job or a house and I can still drink wine from a mug, which in my opinion is not adult behaviour. The prospect of life after university is a very daunting one. I think if I had a set career path that I wanted to follow it would at least be a bit easier to know which direction I'm heading in. Right now I sort of know what I want to do, but I don't know how to go about doing it. I know I want to work in film, theatre or fashion. But that doesn't really make it any easier. There are a million different ways I could approach those sorts of careers, and I have no idea how I'm going to do it. I'm hoping my final year will be a time where I can really concentrate on working out my next move, but I'm also dreading the prospect of having to make those big decisions! I wish I could stay at university for a couple more years! It's an ideal lifestyle, I have freedom and independence because I live away from home, yet I don't have the pressure to find a job, instead I get to study what I love and socialise with my friends. Wow, we have it good!

So anyway, I'm sorry for the hiatus in posting, but this last term at uni was the most hectic yet! I had essays due in as soon as I got back (which I get back this week, eek!) then a film project due and then a performance the week after. So now I'm kind of recovering in the aftermath of those things. It's kind of exhausting going from being really busy to being free! On Friday I handed in my last pieces of work, so now I just have to sit and await the results! The film and performance projects were really fun and I really enjoyed doing them, but it was a very intensive period, in the week of our performance we were rehearsing 10-6, 7 days of the week, which is a long time to spend with a group of excitable people! It was fun, but very tiring.

I've barely had time to think about what I'm wearing, which is why there have been no outfit posts (aside from not having time!) When rehearsing I tend to think of what will be the comfiest thing to wear for 12 hours, and will take me from rehearsal to pub (I mean, after all the hard work we deserve a few drinks right?!) so usually what I end up wearing doesn't really make the cut to be photographed!

I have been lusting after lots of clothes recently, especially when it was really warm, but as I'm saving money for the summer I have resisted buying anything (so unlike me, I don't know how I've managed!) but recently the weather's been a bit crap so the summer dresses have returned to the back of the wardrobe. 

The other day someone I know through a couple of friends at uni has offered to take some pictures for me the next time I do an outfit post, which is a very exciting prospect. Those of you who get annoyed at the wonky tripod and the awkward self-timer will know what I mean when I say I often get jealous of those lucky people who seem to have talented photographer friends or boyfriends who follow them round and take pictures of them in the most flattering of lights, in the most forgiving of angles and with the most beautiful of backdrops. The guy is a really great photographer so hopefully I'll ask him to do that sometime soon as it would be great to have some good quality photos for a change (as I seem to mention constantly, my uni room is just not ideal for outfit post pictures).

I will leave you now as I am off to bed, but before I go here are a few inspirational images of what I wish my summer could look like...

I think the first set of clothes are just so summery and bold, and the second lot would be perfect for those holidays on the beach where you just want to sunbathe and read trashy novels. And I always love a bit of nautical by the sea!

Sorry for the absence, but I'm back for good! 

I should be writing..

Saturday, 30 April 2011
I should be writing an essay right now, but just a quick post before I get back to it! Thought I'd post this outfit because it's a bit different to what I wear most days. My mum took this for me before I went out to see my friends the other night. It was a brilliant night, we had a meal then took part in a pub quiz. We lost miserably, which I'm still quite bitter about, but it was really good to see everyone. I even saw a friend I hadn't seen since she left sixth form two years ago, and now she's engaged! God, that made me feel old! Then I remembered I'm only 20, being engaged definitely is not on my agenda at the moment! I think the only things on my agenda presently are family, uni, friends and edinburgh. Ok, so maybe clothes feature heavily in my agenda too, but that would just look superficial if I wrote that wouldn't it!? ;) So, on to the outfit:

Those are the wedges I was rabbiting on about the other day, they're super comfy too :) On a separate note I woke up to three things being delivered for me the other day. Getting post is one of those perfectly normal things that makes me really happy. Even when I know what's inside them, it's still fun to open packages. The first was my graze box, which I've been getting for a while now and are really yummy. The second was some more Sally Hansen Salon Effects, this time in Frock Star, which are basically very glittery! And the third was a beautifully wrapped item of clothing that I bought from the lovely Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary. I'll keep that a surprise until I wear it one day, but look how nicely wrapped it was:

I really like the Salon Effects that I bought, mostly because I hate waiting for normal nail varnish to dry (I normally forget and touch it or something and ruin it) and also because there's no way you'd be able to get such a detailed pattern on your nail, even if you had it done properly or something. My friend got Minx done on her nails and she said they were great, but I think they're pretty pricey too. She got them done for free because a friend needed to practice on people, so I think these Salon Effects are a good alternative if you don't have a celebrity budget to splash on your nails! The flowery ones I had on stayed on for a good 10 days, I'll see how long these stay on but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying these again!

I'm going back to Bristol tomorrow, so I'll probably be running around packing like a mad thing in the morning. I hate packing the night before, it annoys me to have to leave out things I'm going to need in the morning. So instead I tend to do it all in a mad rush the day I'm going anywhere. Although, the advantage is that I've learned to pack up pretty much everything I own in about an hour. And for the amount of rubbish I have (and insist on taking to and from uni) I think that's quite impressive. Right, now I'm debating whether to get a good night's sleep, or to try and crack on with this essay. My brain feels like mush, maybe it's bedtime!

It's a ring thing

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Current obsession - chunky rings. Big, crystally looking stones set in gold and silver are really appealing to me right now. There seem to be lots around on the high street, as well as online shops like ASOS and smaller individual shops. I only wish there were more stretchy and adjustable ones around so I could buy more for my little fingers! Take a look at these jewelled delights; kind of yummy, no?

Another obsession is definitely animal jewellery, and particularly anything with with a rabbit on it, very appropriate for Easter :) In the past few months the high street has been literally overflowing with rabbit-related jewellery, which is great because there's lots of variety about, but it also inevitably means that consumers will get sick of it much sooner. Just like owl-themed jewellery and cupcakes... 

Remember how fashionable cupcakes were a couple of years ago? Every wedding cake was replaced with cute bite-sized spongy things covered in far too much icing and floral decoration, and dedicated cupcake bakeries literally sprang up on every street. We were bombarded with recipe books, online communities that exist to discuss their latest cupcakey creations, cupcake clothing and jewellery, the list goes on. Literally, they were everywhere. At one point it did seem inevitable that cupcakes would take over the world (me, exaggerate? Never.). And then one day some sane person who'd had enough of all this faffing around with dainty little pansy cakes (and probably just wanted something he could cut a portion size of his own choosing without people saying 'are you going to eat three of those?!') said, "how about we return to eating cakes of all shapes and sizes? How about we stop this discrimination against the normal-sized cake?! We can buy one bigger cake for the same price as these showy mini cakes and eat it slice by slice over an extended period of time!" And the world turned around and said, "you know what, you are absolutely right! That, good sir, is a bloody good idea! Now cut me a slice and stick the kettle on." 

Ok, so that may or may not have happened, in my opinion it most likely did happen; but you catch my drift - cupcakes have gone out of vogue recently. Maybe it's the credit crunch. Anyway, my point (I think it got lost somewhere along the way in all that icing) was that fluffy little animal jewellery will probably be "out" by this time next year too. Nevertheless, I'll probably still be wearing mine proudly, whilst I scoff another vanilla cupcake (but they're just so adorable and miniature!!)

Today I had a long overdue haircut at Steph's Salon (aka, the kitchen by my mum - it's great, you can pay her in hugs!), and by long overdue I mean it probably should have been cut in about 1999 because that's how straggly and long it was! I've been quite busy with work and drama stuff lately, especially sorting stuff like accommodation for Edinburgh, and I have two essays due in next week. So I'll try to blog as normal but it may not be that interesting as I will most probably be sitting in my room day after day drinking copious amounts of coffee and crying at my inability to write the essays and my hideous habit of procrastination which has led to me writing them a week before they are due. 

As my abnormal ramblings above clearly illustrate, it is most definitely time for me to shut up and go to sleep, and hopefully I won't plague you again with any more fabricated tales of the cupcakes' demise. Soz guysss! Night!

Happy Easter :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011
Helloo, I hope you're all having a nice Easter weekend and consuming unhealthy amounts of chocolate! I haven't had any yet because I went out for a meal and am so full I might explode if I so much as look at any more food! I am looking forward to my little lindt chocolate rabbit later though, they're just so cute and yummy!

So I went shopping yesterday with my Mum and bought some new shoes from H&M. I got the black wedges, and then a pair of tan sandals with a heel. I wore the sandals today when we went out for lunch. We went to Hotel du Vin in Cheltenham, and it was delish. I had soup and then this goats cheese and pear tart kind of thing. It sounds a bit strange but was so good. You know when you really want to keep eating something because it's so yummy but you know you will literally burst if you don't stop... yeah, well thankfully I didn't burst, but I definitely had to loosen my belt! How embarrassing! Anyway, moving swiftly on... here's what I wore:

We were kept entertained throughout the meal by two women sitting behind us, clearly gossiping about their sister (we think, we were trying to work it out!). I know, I'm so nosy, but it was pretty funny!

Have a good bank holiday everyone :)

Shoe Lust

Saturday, 23 April 2011
Hello all, I've been busy discovering new blogs, amongst other things, which is why I haven't got round to posting this until now (when I should be asleep!). So here's a quick update: I'm back home from Wales now, my plans for the rest of my holiday basically consist of - essay writing, planning a holiday, uni drama stuff, blogging (I hope!) and most likely procrastinating by online window shopping! 

I was having a little look at H&M's new website (mentioned here previously) and decided to have a look at the shoes. For someone with lots of clothes, I have comparatively few shoes. This is probably partly due to the fact that I have stupidly small and narrow feet, so even when shops make shoes in my size, they quite often don't fit. I also think that nice cheap shoes are harder to come by than nice cheap(ish!) clothes, and therefore I end up spending money on more items of cheaper clothing, than investing in more expensive shoes. I suppose, for a budget like mine, H&M is somewhere in the middle. It's not Primark, and it's not Topshop/Urban Outfitters/Office etc. Whilst Primark shoes tend to fall apart (except I have found a few good pairs of heels that fit) and the price of Topshop shoes put me off (although I have never found a pair that fit me, so I don't have to worry about that really!) shops like H&M seem to be a good compromise. So I thought that, although I shouldn't be spending any money at the moment *sadface* I was tempted by the promise of a good alternative to the aforementioned. And boy, were my eyes in for a treat! Look at these babies, I don't know whether I'll be able to resist. They seem to encapsulate lots of styles I've been looking at recently in much more expensive shops. I think for something that is not often as prominent as the rest of an outfit (because who is really looking at your feet all day...?) I would rather compromise slightly on the design and brand, for something more affordable and student budget-friendly!

Floral heels - £29.99
Tan wedges - £29.99
Black wedges - £24.99
Flat sandals - £14.99
Pink heels - £29.99

I've chosen mainly spring/summer shoes, but I had to put the black wedges in because I seem to be obsessed with them at the moment. I think this little collection would see me right through spring and summer for all occasions! If I had to choose two pairs it would probably be the two pairs of wedges (height and comfort?! Yes please!) so I may try them on if I see them in store. At under £30 you can't go wrong really can you? That's twice I've mentioned H&M in the past few days, I should be a brand representative or something!

So, now I really should go to bed, but before I go I'll leave you with this...

What can I say, the sunshine makes me happy! This was during a pathetic attempt at an outfit post that was going horribly wrong. 'If all else fails jump around like a loon', that's the saying right? Or something like that...

Wild Horses

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
So I'm in Wales at the moment, and one of the things I always look forward to when I come here is going to find the horses and ponies that live freely on the common by my grandparent's house. If you give them polos, they will literally follow you to the ends of the earth! Sadly I didn't have any treats so went empty handed today, but they still let me stroke them :) It was boiling hot and really sunny so I brought my camera with me and my brother caught a really nice moment on camera. I went up to one of the horses and it kind of looked at me for a minute, then must have decided I was alright and proceeded to lie down next to me! Because these aren't tame horses I'm always a bit wary, but they're so beautiful I can't resist going to find them.

Last night I tried out Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips after reading about them on The Dainty Squid recently and so far I am absolutely loving them. I've tried Nail Rocks from Topshop and these were ten times easier to apply and i feel like they're going to last a lot longer too. They don't feel like they're another layer on top of my nails, more like nail polish that they're really stuck to my nails. I'll let you know how long they last because that might determine whether they're worth buying again, but so far I'm pretty sure these will become an obsession. I'm already wondering which other patterns to try. I got Girl Flower to start with because they looked so pretty. The only downside was I had to open both packets to find strips to fit my nails so I couldn't keep them for two uses, so I used the leftover ones to do my big toes and my Mum's thumb nails, which was fun :) I did try to persuade my Nanna to let me do hers too but she wasn't having it haha!

These aren't my actual nails, I found this image online because they give a more accurate idea of how they look. My nails are quite short and I've been biting them recently so I thought you probably don't want to see those! Having them nice and pretty is motivating me to stop picking at them though, so I'll see how long the strips last and show you before I take them off. 

I'm not sure where you can buy them in the UK but I got these from Ebay, for any UK readers who want to try them too!

Goodnight everyone!

Day Trip

Today I ventured out in the beautiful weather on a little excursion to Bourton-on-the-Water, a delightful little town in the Cotswolds that has a little river running through it with bridges. Apparently it's the 'Venice of Britain', but I've never heard anyone refer to it as that. It's really pretty and cute though, and is often filled with families and old people, so you know it's going to be a wild day out! This is the type of thing me and my friends like to do; go for picnics and stuff, it's like we've descended into middle age already or something. Surely we're meant to be out drinking and behaving badly or something? But no, instead you'll find us doing something perfectly wholesome like buying sandwiches and doughnuts in Tesco before driving 40 minutes into the countryside to sunbathe and chat. 

It was pretty awesome though. We bought our little picnic (delish, btw) and then went to Bourton, where we spent the afternoon basking in the heat and moving every now and again to follow the sun. Then we went into some of the shops to look around and got ice cream. It actually felt like summer. 

And it wouldn't be a summer excursion if I didn't get at least a little bit burnt. I didn't even realise it was that hot, but I tied my hair up halfway through the day and my neck caught the sun a bit. To be honest it's not hard for that to happen, it's like I'm part vampire or something, my skin shouldn't see the light of day. My friends like to sit next to me because I make them look so much more tanned in comparison. It's usually not a problem but like I've mentioned before when it comes to summer and I get my legs out they have a tendency to blind people. But nonetheless I went for it and wore shorts today and allowed my legs to get accustomed to the sun. I don't think it shows, but at least they didn't burn!

Anyway, I took some pictures of our little day out, sadly there aren't any great pictures of Bourton itself, I was too busy getting snap-happy taking pictures of my friends, but you can see how nice the weather was :) 

Me sitting in the old car/buggy thing at the motor museum (we couldn't pay to go in and see 'Brum' so we just took pictures outside in true student fashion) See my blinding paleness?! I wasn't making it up!

The ducks! We gave them some of our leftover picnic :)

Those kids kept ruining the shot so I just gave up and took one anyway!

There was actually another reason we were in Bourton today as well. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Geocaching, but it's quite hard to explain, so I'll just link the website and if you're interested you can have a look, but a quick way to sum it up would be to describe it as a kind of treasure hunt. But with sat navs. Anyway, it is so much fun, I absolutely love it! So we were trying to find geocaches in Bourton today, but due to a lack of organisation we had no sat nav, which pretty much made it impossible! That didn't stop us however, and we got a few odd stares while I stood on one of my friends to look in a tree...! I'm sure that's really made you want to find out about it now (not!) but I swear it's amazing, you should all google it and let me know if you do it, or if you already have!

Sorry this has been quite a wordy and long post, I had a few things to talk about but I'm planning to do another post tomorrow, so I hope you're all well and haven't fallen asleep reading this yet :) I'm in Wales at the moment visiting family as my Grandpa is ill, but it's still nice to be here even though it's in unfortunate circumstances. I'm hoping to do some horseriding while I'm here, which I'm really looking forward to.

I took another lookbook picture the other day, so here it is. It took ages to take that one picture, my face kept doing odd things and then the sun would go behind the clouds and I'd be in complete shadow, but it turned out ok in the end I think. I got the skirt for Christmas, it's a snakeskin print which isn't something I'd probably go for but I really like it!

I really will shut up and go now, but before I do I must say how I've been counting down the days until Gossip Girl, 90210 and One Tree Hill were all back on.. I'm literally obsessed with those shows! For a drama student I have pretty poor taste in television it seems but I am a complete sucker for trashy American teenage programmes. So I can't wait to catch up and find out what's happened, I'm sure I'm not alone either!

Thanks for reading!

Little Red Dress

Saturday, 16 April 2011
Hello hello, I've had quite a busy day today seeing as we finally got our offer from a venue for our play for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, so I've been doing lots of emailing and organising this afternoon! I'm really excited though as it looks like I'll be in the same place as last year, and it was a really nice place to be.

So it looks like it's sunny again in the UK so I decided to break out the little red dress before the weather had a chance to change its mind again. Apparently it'll be warm for this weekend at least, which is as good an excuse as any to go and meet my friends at the pub tonight for a drink and a catch-up. So here's the dress I bought in Topshop the other day; as you can see my legs aren't quite ready to be bared, so they're still in tights until it's a bit warmer. Every year I tell myself I'm going to do a bit of fake tan for the summer so I can get my legs out, but inevitably I rarely bother. I tend to blind people with my white legs though so maybe I should make an effort this year. I do get jealous of people who get a nice light tan easily as soon as the sun comes out, it just makes wearing bare legs a whole lot easier. I don't mind being pale at all, but there is a limit to how bright you want your legs to look when they're on display! At the moment I don't think they're fit for the public, I'll have to get some Dove summer glow lotion on the go I think.

So I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, I know I am. I found this image on Lauren's blog, La Petite Fashionista, and it just made me want to get in a car with my friends and go on some epic roadtrip somewhere. I would love do that across America one day, I think it would be so much fun to be free to roam wherever you want for as long as you want!

I also found this yesterday. It's a colour vision deficiency test. Apparently one in 225 women and one in 12 men have colour vision deficiency of some sort. I wonder why it's so much more common in men? It does explain why so many of them get dark navy and black confused though! The better your colour vision, the lower your score, and I scored 0 so I have perfect colour vision.. sweeeet! So try it out and see how yours is. Right, I'm going to enjoy a well-earned rest now, have a nice evening everyone!  :)
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