Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wow, lots has been going on! Firstly, possibly the most irritating thing for a blogger has happened to me recently. My Internet has BROKEN! Yes, you heard me right. I know. Well, I consider myself quite the techno-nerd, but even I am stumped. My Internet has completely broken. No matter where I am, it doesn't work for more than a few minutes at a time. If I disconnect my airport and then reconnect it works normally for a couple of pages and then crashes, it's quite bizarre. I have AppleCare and called them the other night and thought I had fixed it, but nope, it's down again. They're closed at the mo, so I'm going to call again in the morning. So I'm writing this post, then hopefully will be able to get the Internet running again in a bit to post it :/ I'm not sure whether images will upload, we'll just have to see!

So, I had a presentation today at Uni, which went quite well I think. It was a group thing, and we decided to dress smartly and look all professional for it. Everybody kept asking, 'Did you all plan to wear that?" and  saying we looked nice, so that's good :) I wore this brown snakeskin print skirt from Topshop and a sheer black blouse, which looked pretty nice. I did try and take some outfit pictures today, and the other day, but I'm not joking they looked awful! There is nowhere to take pictures in my house here, and I always look terrible! I can't seem to get the whole outfit in properly. So there are a couple of pictures, and you'll just have to take my word for it that I have been wearing nice outfits recently ;)

To relieve some pre-presentation stress the other day I made cupcakes and biscuits with my housemates. It turned out to be an epic night-long project where we made enough sweet treats to feed a small army and decorated them all in pink icing and plenty of sprinkles and sparkles! They tasted amazing too, and I can assure you they haven't lasted long!

Depending on where you're from you will have heard about the architect who was murdered in Bristol before Christmas and found on Christmas Day. Well today, in the early hours of the morning, they arrested someone two roads away from me. I walked home from uni today, pleased with how my presentation had gone, to see the road blocked off and loads of police and vans everywhere, as well as television crews. When I got home I watched the news and saw them reporting from my area. It's really scary to think that someone who could be a murderer was where I walk to and from uni everyday, often in the dark and alone. It's also horrible to think about the woman's landlord, who has had his life turned upside down when he was arrested on suspicion of murder, but wasn't actually charged. I find it scary to see how the media and public can be so quick to pass judgement on somebody, when they might not have done anything at all,  but can also see how easily it happens. I just hope whoever murdered Joanna is charged soon, for her family's sake. I also want to feel safe walking around the streets again! I am constantly looking over my shoulder at the moment, and thought somebody was following me home yesterday.

I am pretty exhausted after lots of work this week, so I think I'm going to chill out for a couple of days and watch rubbish and eat rubbish! Then it's back to the library on Sunday, and I have a lot of reading to do before the next teaching block begins. I'm excited for the new units I'm studying but I think there's going to be lots of work too! I also have quite a bit to do for a play I'm producing, so it should be a busy but fun term. Thanks for reading guys :)


P.S. When she brought me back to Uni my fabulous Mum bought me a coffee machine that has a timer on it, so I've been setting it to when my alarm goes off and waking up to fresh coffee every morning. Can I just say, to anybody who struggles getting up in the morning like I do, this has got to be the best idea I've had EVER! It's brilliant, and so much better than instant :D


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