Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sorry for the low-quality photobooth picture, but I wanted to post a picture today but I didn't have an opportunity to take any in adequate light. Honestly, I swear it seems to get dark about 2pm! And even when it's light it's an odd bluey light that does nothing for my pale complexion ;)

So I'm not feeling very well today. I wasn't feeling great last night which has been made worse by struggling to get any sleep at all last night, even though I tried to go to bed early and get lots of rest. I think my sleeping patterns have become rather odd and I'm finding it difficult to sleep. I have however got the Sleep Cycle app that everyone has raved about and it does seem to make waking up easier. However, there's a difference between waking up and getting up! I'm sure it will be really useful when I'm back in Uni and need to get up but while I'm on holiday I wake up feeling quite refreshed but then think... do I really want to get up right now?! The prospect of getting up in the cold and doing not a lot is not as inviting as staying in my warm bed and this has led to my bad sleeping habit at the moment! I need to get out of it before I go back to uni though or I'm going to get a shock!

So despite feeling ill I went into town with my Mum today. I got two belts from primark, just plain black and brown £1 ones that I needed, but I also got a lens for my Canon film camera. It's a lot better than my old olympus one and I'm really excited to take some good pictures with it. Although I'm wondering how I share them online.. if anyone could help me with this I'd be really grateful! Do you just scan the printed images in? I do have a scanner built into my kodak printer but I'm not sure how good it is at scanning proper photographs. And I'd quite like to have copies on my computer as well as hard copies, so if anyone knows the answer to this please feel free to tell me if I'm being ignorant! 

I also tried to find hair dye that I've been looking for for quite a while. I've been trying to dye my hair properly ginger since about March now but it never goes light enough. I can never see real ginger dyes in shops. I think the problem is I always go too red and not bright enough. The red does look quite nice but I want it to be a bright, natural-looking ginger colour. I am really quite pale anyway and have greeny-brown eyes so I think it would suit me well. Anyway, I've been looking at colours online to see if some brands do have colours that I just haven't seen in the shops. I decided to go for Schwarzkopf Real Red or Hypnotic Red and see which looked brightest in the shop. I've already used two of Schwarzkopf's colours before (Hot Cinnamon and most recently Cool Scarlet) and I think they're quite good. Red is the fastest fading colour so although they do fade relatively quickly I think that's more to do with the colour than the brand and this is just as likely to happen with any brand. But I went into 3 different shops today, including Boots (with a pretty large hair dye section) and they had all run out of the two colours I wanted! The woman in Boots said that "everyone" had dyed their hair this Christmas and they were waiting for more to be delivered! I find it hard to believe that EVERYONE in my town has dyed their hair a festive red colour but oh well. It was just typical that they still had the other red colours but not the ones I wanted. Hopefully this means they're good if everyone has bought them and I'll be able to get one soon. I'll post some before and after pictures when I do it next. I'm not sure if I should buy a product that removes colour from the hair and use this beforehand. I think this is meant to help the new colour get to your hair, but as it's already dark red at the moment (it hasn't really faded to a light colour, most of the lengths are quite dark) I'm not sure whether this would help or hinder going to a brighter colour. If anyone has any suggestions on this too please let me know! 

I also got a new sketchbook today and I'm going to try and draw/write/doodle in it every day or most days as this is probably beneficial in some way to feeling all creative and artsy-fartsy ;) I've done the first page but I've left my paints in Bristol so I'll have to wait until I go back before I can do it properly.

I hope everyone's not feeling too much of a post-Christmas slump with work & school etc and that you're not ill like me! Hopefully I'll be posting the outfit I wore today, tomorrow (if you follow me!) because it was too dark to photograph today so see you then :)

Harriet x


  1. Have you tried using henna dye? I'm not sure if it'd have the effect you want but my sister uses it, shes a light-brown naturally and it turns her hair properly ginger. Plus its natural so it makes you hair feel lovely and conditioned x

  2. My aunt did henna my hair in Portugal but it actually didn't come out as bright as we thought, though that might be because we only used one pack and my hair is long. I'd forgotten about that, maybe I should try it again! It did make my hair lovely and soft though, you're right :)


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