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Friday, 28 January 2011
I know, it's wishful thinking to be writing a post about spring, and if anything downright reckless; wouldn't want to jinx it would I? I like spring, it mostly means two things to me: firstly, my birthday (I'm practically going to need a zimmer frame for my birthday this year - I'll be a shocking, and probably decrepit, 20 years old) and also, it means spring wardrobes. 

Now, in my mind, spring wardrobes mainly consist of floral dresses, tops, (just about anything floral really), along with light cardigans and jackets and (dare I say it) seeing a lot more bare legs on the streets. In the springs of my dreams, boots are banished to the back of the wardrobe, and glove & scarf combos have long since been forgotten about. Well, the harsh reality is that spring wardrobes (at least for me) are really just the winter ones minus scarves.. well, sometimes not even minus the scarves. I suppose it depends where you live, but here in the good old UK, where rain is a permanent fixture, and the glimpse of the sun sends the locals running for their flip-flops and shades (despite the fact it's probably still about 3 degrees max) spring is a slow progression out of the harsh winter that generally is a disappointment year after year. 

With that said, there's no harm in wishful thinking eh? Maybe this year will surprise us, and maybe global warming will treat us to one benefit? The chances of this are highly unlikely but nevertheless I'm getting bored and restless of layers, and have been browsing the spring collections online. So this is a little visual roundup of what's emerging for the coming months. I don't think I've actually included any florals here, mainly because they are an inevitability for the S/S collections, and you don't need me to show you them. There are two images, the first are all from Topshop, and the second is a mixture of ASOS, Topshop and I think NastyGal. I know it's not a broad range but they're the online shops I normally browse through. So, enough chit chat, here they are. I've provided links to the clothes, but some have disappeared from the websites since I found them, in which case I've linked to similar items, but some are definitely still in stores.

12345 & 56789

123, 4 - not on website, 567891011

So, remember I said I was having trouble with my Internet? Well, I won't retell the story in case I have a nervous breakdown at the mere memory of it (yes, I'm a drama queen) but the end result is actually pretty good. Apple are giving me a new laptop, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. However, they didn't hand it over happily; I did have to tell them I wasn't leaving the shop unless they promised me a new laptop or some compensation. In fairness, if I did that to me, I would give me pretty much anything to leave the premises too, so they didn't really have a choice! But, anyway, all's well that ends well.. for me at least! So for now I've still got my old laptop to do work and stuff on, but hopefully it won't be long until I have a new one that should, fingers crossed, not break!

I think the point of that story was to tell you how I got to buying this little beauty:

I had seen it in Topshop, on one of the many trips I took there whilst waiting for my laptop to be "fixed" (can you sense some bitterness there?) and had resisted trying it on because I couldn't justify buying any more clothes at the moment, especially pricey Topshop clothes. However, when I was walking around in a rage after the Apple saga, with a look that was probably clearing a path for miles ahead, I decided that yes, I would try it on because I damn well wanted to. I am a firm believer in retail therapy - it never fails to cheer me up! Good for my wardrobe, not so good for my bank balance. Oh well, extreme cases such as this (I know, imagine me in a real "extreme situation", what would I do - buy a car?) demand such purchases. This was literally my reasoning to myself. So I tried it on, and it looks really nice with a belt :) I also bought a little gold rabbit necklace, which I can't find on the website, as I am obsessed with rabbits. So, I do have a slight case of buyers' guilt, but it cheered me up massively, and I know I'll get my money's worth from it. And the final reasoning to myself, is that at least it cost less than a new laptop!

Another thing I've been eyeing up for a while, and definitely will not be purchasing in one of my retail "therapy" sessions, are these BlackMilk galaxy leggings:

They're quite pricey, at $70.00 so I think they will definitely have to be a birthday present or something, but they're cool aren't they :)

Right, one more thing before I go. I've done something that I was dreading for a while, but thought might be inevitable. I've told a couple of friends about the existence of my blog. AHHH!! Ok, so it's not that big a deal, but I thought they would laugh at me for about an hour and then tell me we could no longer be friends. In reality, they asked to have a look and then said they liked it. They might well have been laughing inside their heads, but at least they were kind enough to pretend to my face! So, if you're reading this Lucy and Alice then HELLO!! Now go away.. I joke ;)

Thanks for reading, Harriet x


  1. Great choices, it's made me long for spring!! Love the asos dress (no.6) I want it :) x

  2. No one knows I have a blog, well, they didn't until recently when I started telling people. It's surprising how many fellow bloggers havn't told their friends, I thought I was the only one!

    I like those Galaxy leggings, well I love the pattern. Whether I could carry them off I'm not so sure!

    It's ren btw from ren ate all the pies, this'll be on my new account- I'm using both accounts now that I've moved blogs! x

  3. Ah hey ren, I'm gutted you aren't still blogging on your old blog, but I'm following your new one and love it already :)

    Yeah, I find the idea of everyone I know reading this a very scary prospect!

    Yeah, I'm not sure I can pull them off either but I might give it a go anyway!


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