Fashion Sins

Sunday, 27 February 2011
Ok, I have to be honest and come clean about something. I don't think I can really call this a fashion blog anymore. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm qualified to be giving anybody fashion advice. Because, for about a week now I have been committing such a fashion offence I can't pretend any longer. I've been spending about 75% of my time in a onesie. Yep. Ask my housemates. I actually look forward to coming home from uni so I can put it on. It's also not just any onesie. It's a rabbit onesie. It's grey, has a hood with rabbit ears, and a heart-shaped tail. No, there will not be pictures. So, why am I admitting this heinous crime? Because, well, I'm prepared to accept the consequences... it's just too damn comfy. I love it. It's the perfect ensemble for any student house. When you can't afford to put the heating on it provides that much-needed warmth and comfort. Plus, who doesn't love rabbits? They're cute and cuddly and have little fluffy tails for God's sake! So, yes I'm prepared to accept the fashion pack's scorn in order to benefit mankind by spreading the word. The onesie is the way forward! I advise you all to invest, mine was a mere £10 from Primani, perfect on a student budget. And you know what, I think the fashion industry is cottoning on. On Friday I went to a student fashion and dance show in Bristol that was done in aid of charity, and part of the catwalk show was dedicated to onesies!! You have no idea how happy this made me! The ones they were wearing were sadly over £100 so I won't be investing in those, but it was still great (and pretty funny) to see them as part of the show.

So, now I've got that confession over and done with I hope you'll all forgive me. In fact, I hope I'm not alone in my love for the onesie! Have any of you been sporting the other animal ones in Primark at the moment?!

Harriet :)


  1. I completely adhere with this! I have the cow one! I plan to wear it on the slopes for a snowboarding festival too!
    Have you seen the Kigu ones too?
    They are amazing!

  2. My housemate has the cow one too, so cute! Wow, thank you for showing me these, they are amazing! The penguin one is brilliant! I might have to get one in the near future now!


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