Tuesday, 1 February 2011
I have a reading week this week, so no actual lectures or anything, which is nice. I've got a couple of really short essays to do and quite a bit of reading, but the good thing about that is you can do that anywhere. I took a few books out of the library and now I'm home for a bit, so I've just been watching tv and doing absolutely nothing for a few days. Now it's actually reading week I should probably, you know, read. So I'm going to do one of the essays today and then get cracking with my reading list. I am going back to uni on Thursday (not sure for how long) because of my housemate's birthday. He's having a Lady GaGa themed night, which I'm sure will be bonkers, so I don't want to miss it! I'm planning on making my costume without spending much money and I've finally decided how I'm going to attempt this. Now, I have a lot to live up to, because for my housemate Alice's birthday I went as an Avatar, which worked out really well.

So I have to make sure this is as good! I'm thinking of doing a kind of GaGa inspired costume, take different things from some of her outfits, rather than copy just one. So I'm going to attempt to make the origami style dress that she wore, do the crazy hair and make-up, probably with the lightening bolt on the face, and obviously it wouldn't be GaGa without killer heels :) I don't think I need to actually spend much money on this, which is a major bonus (being a poor student and all!), the only things I really need are super-glue and some kind of bright eyeshadow, and I think I have everything else I need! I'll definitely post pictures to let you know how it turns out. I may not be able to sit, or possibly move, in my outfit, but as long as it looks good eh?! ;)

So kind of like this, but black and white, and probably falling apart knowing my skills! No, it will be good, I promise. Hopefully. 

And then hopefully something like these - massive eyelashes, and possibly a lightning bolt! If I could be bothered/had the money, I would definitely invest in a blonde wig to go all out, but I can't afford one right now, and I don't want to get a crappy cheap one. Also, it would probably be reaaally hot and sweaty when we're out, so I think I'll just stick to my own hair for now! I just spoke to my friend on the phone and she's doing the same as me but the black and gold one, so at least we can help each other out!

So, I'm now going to get on with my work and also watch the latest Gossip Girl - give me their wardrobes <3 Hope you're all ok, thanks for reading :)

Harriet x


  1. Wow, your Avatar make up is so incredible! :) It looks great :) I wish people around here had themed parties, usually the theme is alcohol, haha. It gets a bit old!

    Aw, I miss the less-crazy Lady Gaga :P She's sort of crazy now, but her old looks were always unique in a good way! Good luck with your costume and makeup! I'm sure it'll be great :D

  2. Thanks Erin :) It went really well!


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