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Sunday, 13 February 2011

So I know I'm an awful blogger because I haven't blogged for at least a week now, so this is my sorry excuse! I've got lots of reading at the moment, which never ceases because as soon as I've finished one week's reading it's time to start on the next. This pile does not even come close to the amount I've got at the moment, because we also have loads of articles to download and print out, which has bled my poor printer dry :(

Also, I've been ill this week. My housemate got really ill a few days ago and it seems it's definitely going around. We're all getting ill and I really don't have time to be in bed at the moment! So I'm hoping I've had the worst of it now. I'm producing a play at the moment and it's on in a couple of weeks so I'm really excited about that, but there's quite a lot of things still left to sort out. We really want to take it to Edinburgh this summer for the Fringe but the proposals to get funding are on Tuesday and I just don't think we have enough time to sort it all out and get a really good proposal, because I know lots of other people will be proposing too. I definitely want to go back to Edinburgh this summer, last year it was so much fun!

So, as this is meant to be a fashion blog (although I'm not very fashionable as of late, joggers and jumpers are my best friends) I'll leave you with these beauties. I'm in love with chunky block heels at the moment, and these ASOS ones tick the box.

Thanks for visiting, now back to my reading!!

Harriet :)

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