Friday, 4 February 2011
This is just a quick post because I'm shattered, but thought I'd show you a picture of how my GaGa outfit turned out! It was a really good night, although I'm so tired from going to bed so late (or should I say early?!). We've just been to the pub for lunch today and then watched a film in my room, so it's been a nice relaxing day to recover together :) You can't see my whole outfit in this picture, but I'll put some more up later. I took this quickly before we went out so I could email it to my Mum and show her.

As you can see I was getting into the spirit of the theme with my ridiculous pose there! But it was a really fun night, although my feet did take a beating from my heels. Well, I'm off to snuggle up under a blanket and do some of my reading, it is technically reading week after all!!

Thanks for reading,
Harriet :)

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