I'm so old!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011
What a dramatic post title! Ok, I'm not that old, but I really can't believe I'm now 20! It was my birthday on Monday, and it came as a bit of a surprise! It sneaks up on you doesn't it? The fact that you're not a teenager anymore! Oh well, I guess adulthood and maturity is fun right..? Right?! Nah, in fairness I still feel about 17 (and probably look younger!) but I had a nice birthday.

My brother visited me at the weekend with his friend because they went to a gig in Bristol, and then my Mum drove down on the Sunday so I had a nice weekend with them. I opened my presents on Sunday with my Mum because I wanted her to see me open them, and I had uni 9.30-5pm on Monday anyway so I thought it would be nicer to do it with her. I got some lovely things, and from my housemates too. My Mum got me the blackmilk galaxy leggings I mentioned on here a while ago, as well as Eve Lom cleanser (which is fantastic by the way) and other nice things like jewellery. She also brought me some pink tulips and the best cupcakes I have ever eaten! They are literally divine, I can't stop eating them! My friends got me a t-shirt from H&M with rabbits on it (makes me so happy!) and these really pretty pinky-orangey shorts from Topshop. They know me so well!

Since then it's been a pretty hectic week. Hectic should literally be my word at the moment. The annual meetings to decide the committee for next years' Spotlights and DramSoc (the two drama societies at Bristol) were on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was so nerve-wracking! I got Vice President of Spotlights, which I am so so so excited about, and my housemate got Vice President of DramSoc, so we'll have a very drama-y house next year! The one today went on for 4 hours! FOUR HOURS! It was so tense as well, but I'm really happy for my friend, and me of course! Will be a very exciting, but challenging final year at uni!

Anyway, I HAVE to go to bed because I have 101 things to do tomorrow (..almost!) but I apologise for being so absent! I've been just about managing to read everyone's posts, but every time I plan to write one something gets in the way. So I'm sorry this hasn't been that interesting but I thought I better post something while I had the chance! I'm currently reading Eat Pray Love, which has got me thinking. The author is describing this spiritual journey that is full of meditation and relaxing and eating good food that sounds so amazing, and I keep imagining that I should be trying to find time to relax in a productive way (that sounds like an oxymoron but it makes sense in my head!), you know like not just watching tv or whatever, but doing something that's good for you. Then I either remember all the other things I SHOULD be doing and end up worrying about that instead. BUT, I have the best of intentions, so maybe when I finish the book I'll try and adopt some of her techniques. Hmm.. maybe I could jump on a plane to Bali?! How amazing would that be?! For now, this will probably have to do:

Harriet :)


  1. Now you have eve lom you will never go back, it is the most fantastic thing in the world, I haven't had one spot since I started using it twice a day and it lasts forever. I love that you can wash the face cloths too, best product in the world!!! Love the leggings, amazing!!! Xxxx

  2. Yep, I have to admit it's pretty amazing! Thanks love :) xx


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