Yellow Moon

Tuesday, 8 March 2011
I have been very off the ball as of late, for which I apologise! I've had a whole host of blog post ideas, and neither the time or motivation to actually do it! This will change, I promise. After this week is over I have one less thing on my plate, which will give me a bit more time to think about other things. 

I'm currently producing a play called Yellow Moon for one of the drama societies at uni. Tonight was the first night and it went so well, I'm really happy about it! We sold out as well, which I didn't expect as ticket sales got off to a slow start. Hopefully this means we'll sell out most of the other nights, which we need to, to make sure we break even! We ended up spending a little more money than we intended, I won't go into figures as the thought scares me a little...!

Anyway, we have 4 more nights and then we can all relax (and hopefully get a little crazy at the afterparty!) I'm also operating the sound, which isn't a massive job as there aren't too many sound effects, and the main ones come at the end, but there was an awful moment when I thought it had all gone horribly wrong... The theatre is actually part of the pub below it, and the staff had kindly (not) decided it wasn't important to mention that they were having a quiz, which involved playing loud music. So at one point we could definitely hear the music coming up the stairs and I couldn't work out where it was coming from. It was quite muffled and distorted and my hearing is unfortunately not the best so I started panicking like a mad thing, thinking I had somehow started to play the music without touching anything. I frantically checked the sound board, which showed nothing was playing, and became verrrry confused! The others definitely realised where it was coming from before me, but as I said, my hearing is not the best and I was pretty nervous in case I messed up anyway, so I naturally just assumed I had! We got them to turn the music off but we could still hear the obnoxiously loud quizmaster through the ceiling. I don't think it interfered too much, but it nearly gave me a bloody heart attack!

We're taking Yellow Moon to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer, so although the play will be over there's loads of organising to do for that, although at least there's a lot more time in which to do it. Here's the poster for Yellow Moon, which I thought I'd show you because it's very pretty and I love it :) One of the directors, my lovely and talented friend made it.

After this play is over, the next play I'm producing is in the last week of March, but my friend (and housemate) is also producing with me and she is pretty much the epitome of getting things done, so hopefully it will be less stressful. 

My Mum, brother and grandparents are coming to see the play tomorrow so I'm really excited to see them. I should definitely be asleep by now, because I've been feeling ill and horrible and overtired all day, but I wanted to catch up on everyone's blog posts before going to bed!

Thanks for reading,
Harriet x

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