A bit of sunshine

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's actually been sunny and warm in the UK this week for once, which is nice, although I'm pretty sure it'll be raining by Thursday. Anyhow, a bit of sun is always an excuse for the summer wardrobes to make an appearance in the UK; seriously sometimes I see people in flip-flops in February and I just think 'Are you absolutely mental?! Your toes are definitely going to fall off because it's still snowing, so stop kidding yourself that because we're out of the negative degrees then summer must have arrived early!' 

Also, I seem to be one of those people that is always on the chilly side, even in my own house. Maybe I have a cold heart haha! Anyway, so although it is still not warm enough for flip-flops (that's right, put them back in the cupboard!) I thought I'd wear this summery blouse. White always feels like such a summery colour doesn't it? Still resolutely wearing the battered old boots though! It'll be a while before I'm out of those.

My Mum took these pictures for me, which is why my face looks a bit odd; she kept laughing and making me laugh too, which is not that attractive when caught on camera. Trust me, these are the best of the bunch, the rest were pretty funny to look at though! Right, I'm off to do some Edinburgh-related work, have a nice day in the sunshine everyone :)


  1. Lovely outfit! Especially love your blouse! xoxo

  2. love the outfit and your hair looks lovely too! x


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