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Friday, 8 April 2011

I do have some proper posts coming up now that I'm home for the Easter holidays; the last week of term was pretty manic! Although I thought I'd do a quick post now to show you the top I'm wearing that I got from ASOS and this ring I bought from H&M the other day because it's the cutest thing ever and it will probably never leave my finger now! I am obsessed with rabbits, so I couldn't resist, but just look, how sweet?!

I definitely have a love for all things cute and cuddly, especially rabbits! For now Nibbles the hamster will have to do because I can't really have any other pets at the moment. I think he pretty much fulfils the cute quota though, he's swinging from the bars in his cage like a monkey right now, I think he's trying to convince me hamsters are just as cute as rabbits. Bless, I'll have to upload a video of him doing it sometime because it's really funny! He swings around from the roof of his cage and then just lets go and falls onto the floor. Silly hamster.

Anyway, enough of me blabbing on, have a nice weekend everyone :)

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