Happy Easter :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011
Helloo, I hope you're all having a nice Easter weekend and consuming unhealthy amounts of chocolate! I haven't had any yet because I went out for a meal and am so full I might explode if I so much as look at any more food! I am looking forward to my little lindt chocolate rabbit later though, they're just so cute and yummy!

So I went shopping yesterday with my Mum and bought some new shoes from H&M. I got the black wedges, and then a pair of tan sandals with a heel. I wore the sandals today when we went out for lunch. We went to Hotel du Vin in Cheltenham, and it was delish. I had soup and then this goats cheese and pear tart kind of thing. It sounds a bit strange but was so good. You know when you really want to keep eating something because it's so yummy but you know you will literally burst if you don't stop... yeah, well thankfully I didn't burst, but I definitely had to loosen my belt! How embarrassing! Anyway, moving swiftly on... here's what I wore:

We were kept entertained throughout the meal by two women sitting behind us, clearly gossiping about their sister (we think, we were trying to work it out!). I know, I'm so nosy, but it was pretty funny!

Have a good bank holiday everyone :)

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  1. I love your skirt and your whole out fit!! :)
    Where is your skirt from?
    H xo



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