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Saturday, 30 April 2011
I should be writing an essay right now, but just a quick post before I get back to it! Thought I'd post this outfit because it's a bit different to what I wear most days. My mum took this for me before I went out to see my friends the other night. It was a brilliant night, we had a meal then took part in a pub quiz. We lost miserably, which I'm still quite bitter about, but it was really good to see everyone. I even saw a friend I hadn't seen since she left sixth form two years ago, and now she's engaged! God, that made me feel old! Then I remembered I'm only 20, being engaged definitely is not on my agenda at the moment! I think the only things on my agenda presently are family, uni, friends and edinburgh. Ok, so maybe clothes feature heavily in my agenda too, but that would just look superficial if I wrote that wouldn't it!? ;) So, on to the outfit:

Those are the wedges I was rabbiting on about the other day, they're super comfy too :) On a separate note I woke up to three things being delivered for me the other day. Getting post is one of those perfectly normal things that makes me really happy. Even when I know what's inside them, it's still fun to open packages. The first was my graze box, which I've been getting for a while now and are really yummy. The second was some more Sally Hansen Salon Effects, this time in Frock Star, which are basically very glittery! And the third was a beautifully wrapped item of clothing that I bought from the lovely Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary. I'll keep that a surprise until I wear it one day, but look how nicely wrapped it was:

I really like the Salon Effects that I bought, mostly because I hate waiting for normal nail varnish to dry (I normally forget and touch it or something and ruin it) and also because there's no way you'd be able to get such a detailed pattern on your nail, even if you had it done properly or something. My friend got Minx done on her nails and she said they were great, but I think they're pretty pricey too. She got them done for free because a friend needed to practice on people, so I think these Salon Effects are a good alternative if you don't have a celebrity budget to splash on your nails! The flowery ones I had on stayed on for a good 10 days, I'll see how long these stay on but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying these again!

I'm going back to Bristol tomorrow, so I'll probably be running around packing like a mad thing in the morning. I hate packing the night before, it annoys me to have to leave out things I'm going to need in the morning. So instead I tend to do it all in a mad rush the day I'm going anywhere. Although, the advantage is that I've learned to pack up pretty much everything I own in about an hour. And for the amount of rubbish I have (and insist on taking to and from uni) I think that's quite impressive. Right, now I'm debating whether to get a good night's sleep, or to try and crack on with this essay. My brain feels like mush, maybe it's bedtime!


  1. This is going to sound weird, but in this photo you remind me of how my mother looked in old photos from the 70's, your hair looks lovely!x

  2. Love the packaging, that is so unique! Good luck with the essay! I really need to stop hanging around on blogs and go back to studies! ;D

    London Last Night


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