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Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Current obsession - chunky rings. Big, crystally looking stones set in gold and silver are really appealing to me right now. There seem to be lots around on the high street, as well as online shops like ASOS and smaller individual shops. I only wish there were more stretchy and adjustable ones around so I could buy more for my little fingers! Take a look at these jewelled delights; kind of yummy, no?

Another obsession is definitely animal jewellery, and particularly anything with with a rabbit on it, very appropriate for Easter :) In the past few months the high street has been literally overflowing with rabbit-related jewellery, which is great because there's lots of variety about, but it also inevitably means that consumers will get sick of it much sooner. Just like owl-themed jewellery and cupcakes... 

Remember how fashionable cupcakes were a couple of years ago? Every wedding cake was replaced with cute bite-sized spongy things covered in far too much icing and floral decoration, and dedicated cupcake bakeries literally sprang up on every street. We were bombarded with recipe books, online communities that exist to discuss their latest cupcakey creations, cupcake clothing and jewellery, the list goes on. Literally, they were everywhere. At one point it did seem inevitable that cupcakes would take over the world (me, exaggerate? Never.). And then one day some sane person who'd had enough of all this faffing around with dainty little pansy cakes (and probably just wanted something he could cut a portion size of his own choosing without people saying 'are you going to eat three of those?!') said, "how about we return to eating cakes of all shapes and sizes? How about we stop this discrimination against the normal-sized cake?! We can buy one bigger cake for the same price as these showy mini cakes and eat it slice by slice over an extended period of time!" And the world turned around and said, "you know what, you are absolutely right! That, good sir, is a bloody good idea! Now cut me a slice and stick the kettle on." 

Ok, so that may or may not have happened, in my opinion it most likely did happen; but you catch my drift - cupcakes have gone out of vogue recently. Maybe it's the credit crunch. Anyway, my point (I think it got lost somewhere along the way in all that icing) was that fluffy little animal jewellery will probably be "out" by this time next year too. Nevertheless, I'll probably still be wearing mine proudly, whilst I scoff another vanilla cupcake (but they're just so adorable and miniature!!)

Today I had a long overdue haircut at Steph's Salon (aka, the kitchen by my mum - it's great, you can pay her in hugs!), and by long overdue I mean it probably should have been cut in about 1999 because that's how straggly and long it was! I've been quite busy with work and drama stuff lately, especially sorting stuff like accommodation for Edinburgh, and I have two essays due in next week. So I'll try to blog as normal but it may not be that interesting as I will most probably be sitting in my room day after day drinking copious amounts of coffee and crying at my inability to write the essays and my hideous habit of procrastination which has led to me writing them a week before they are due. 

As my abnormal ramblings above clearly illustrate, it is most definitely time for me to shut up and go to sleep, and hopefully I won't plague you again with any more fabricated tales of the cupcakes' demise. Soz guysss! Night!

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