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Thursday, 14 April 2011
I'm having quite a productive day today; I'm doing lots of little annoying jobs that need to be done like tidying my room and sending emails. I've also been playing with apps on my iPad (ok, so not THAT productive!) like the Old Camera one. I didn't realise it was an iPhone app so it's small on my screen but it still takes old-looking pictures, which is always fun! It puts random different effects on pictures so it's quite a cool way to waste time, not that I'm wasting time or anything... Anyway, these are two of the effects, I think I like the first silvery-blue one best but they're both quite nice :)

I love the jumper I'm wearing today, well if I'm honest I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I've been home for the holiday, it's just so comfy! It's a really nice muted green colour and is just the right thickness for this kind of weather. I got it in the ASOS sale a few weeks ago, I think it was reduced from £60-something to £25, so it was a bargain! It's the ASOS White label, and just feels like a really good quality jumper, so I'm glad I bought it.

In other news, H&M have changed their website and it's up and running today, so have a look because it's much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate than their old one. The mobile website is still annoyingly hard to browse but I do think the main one is vastly improved. I remember when they opened their online shopping website I was really excited because I like H&M clothes but sometimes find shopping there a bit of a mission as things are never organised that well, at least in my local H&M. But the website was a massive let-down as there never seemed to be stock on the website that I had actually seen in store, as well as it being visually unattractive and hard to navigate. I haven't fully explored the whole website yet, but so far it seems to be 100% better than their first attempt! This should be good for everyone who, like me, likes their clothes and prices but doesn't always like shopping in-store.

Right well I better get back to my to-do list before I ruin my productive streak, but before I go here's a reminder to enter Sofia's latest giveaway of Lauren Conrad's 'Style' book. Even if you didn't watch her on The Hills, you have to admit, that girl has style! Have a good day everyone :)

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  1. I have tons of "photo" apps on my iPod that I mess around with all the time XD They're so addictive!


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