Second year is over!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
So I've actually finished my second year of University... this is scary. This time next year I will be an actual adult. Ok, I'm an adult now but I'm still a student, I don't have a real job or a house and I can still drink wine from a mug, which in my opinion is not adult behaviour. The prospect of life after university is a very daunting one. I think if I had a set career path that I wanted to follow it would at least be a bit easier to know which direction I'm heading in. Right now I sort of know what I want to do, but I don't know how to go about doing it. I know I want to work in film, theatre or fashion. But that doesn't really make it any easier. There are a million different ways I could approach those sorts of careers, and I have no idea how I'm going to do it. I'm hoping my final year will be a time where I can really concentrate on working out my next move, but I'm also dreading the prospect of having to make those big decisions! I wish I could stay at university for a couple more years! It's an ideal lifestyle, I have freedom and independence because I live away from home, yet I don't have the pressure to find a job, instead I get to study what I love and socialise with my friends. Wow, we have it good!

So anyway, I'm sorry for the hiatus in posting, but this last term at uni was the most hectic yet! I had essays due in as soon as I got back (which I get back this week, eek!) then a film project due and then a performance the week after. So now I'm kind of recovering in the aftermath of those things. It's kind of exhausting going from being really busy to being free! On Friday I handed in my last pieces of work, so now I just have to sit and await the results! The film and performance projects were really fun and I really enjoyed doing them, but it was a very intensive period, in the week of our performance we were rehearsing 10-6, 7 days of the week, which is a long time to spend with a group of excitable people! It was fun, but very tiring.

I've barely had time to think about what I'm wearing, which is why there have been no outfit posts (aside from not having time!) When rehearsing I tend to think of what will be the comfiest thing to wear for 12 hours, and will take me from rehearsal to pub (I mean, after all the hard work we deserve a few drinks right?!) so usually what I end up wearing doesn't really make the cut to be photographed!

I have been lusting after lots of clothes recently, especially when it was really warm, but as I'm saving money for the summer I have resisted buying anything (so unlike me, I don't know how I've managed!) but recently the weather's been a bit crap so the summer dresses have returned to the back of the wardrobe. 

The other day someone I know through a couple of friends at uni has offered to take some pictures for me the next time I do an outfit post, which is a very exciting prospect. Those of you who get annoyed at the wonky tripod and the awkward self-timer will know what I mean when I say I often get jealous of those lucky people who seem to have talented photographer friends or boyfriends who follow them round and take pictures of them in the most flattering of lights, in the most forgiving of angles and with the most beautiful of backdrops. The guy is a really great photographer so hopefully I'll ask him to do that sometime soon as it would be great to have some good quality photos for a change (as I seem to mention constantly, my uni room is just not ideal for outfit post pictures).

I will leave you now as I am off to bed, but before I go here are a few inspirational images of what I wish my summer could look like...

I think the first set of clothes are just so summery and bold, and the second lot would be perfect for those holidays on the beach where you just want to sunbathe and read trashy novels. And I always love a bit of nautical by the sea!

Sorry for the absence, but I'm back for good! 

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