Two treats

Sunday, 15 July 2012
Firstly, I'm going to encourage you all to watch this film. Partly because my friend Jack made it, and partly because it's just bizarre, which is good enough reason to do a lot of things by my reckoning. It was made as part of the Virgin Media Shorts competition so if enough people share and like it etc it could win something! It's called The Goodparent and whilst I'm tempted to give it some sort of introduction I'm not sure where to begin so I will merely let the film do the talking! Click here to watch the film on the competition website as I can't embed it into the blog.

The other 'treat' is something I discovered on Pinterest. As a self professed coffee junkie I feel bound to post any cool coffee-related thing I come across. After all, it's in the name. These are supposedly an extremely easy and delicious way to brew coffee. I haven't tried these but the website seems pretty convincing. Or.. maybe I am just a sucker for clever advertising. The slogan at the top of the page is 'real coffee lovers don't use machines' - Wait, I'M a real coffee lover! I use a machine! What have I been thinking?! Rushes to buy these nifty little pouches. Either way, I'm a fiend for both coffee and impressive advertising. And this product has both. 

Anyway, I have just returned from my trip to the big city this weekend. I saw Gatz. It was incredible. It deserves its own post (which it just might get) so that's all for now. 

Hazza x

Blueberries, Bon Iver & The Butterfly Effect

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ok, that cake right there. Yes, that one staring you in the face. It is delicious. Here is the recipe if you need further proof. Go forth and bake, I promise that it's worth it. And here is a handy website to convert the measurements from US cups, which I find incredibly confusing. What do these cups look like? And how big are they?! Anyway, that's not important, that is what this conversion website is for - click.

Now I should probably move on from the cake before I have to go and eat another piece. Which is not allowed. I'm doing some design work at the moment. I'm designing a couple of posters for two friends for their Edinburgh shows, which is good because it's a nice way to earn some money. I'm one of those people who has a certain routine when I'm doing specific things. So whenever I had essays at uni I had to clean my room, make a cup of coffee and then sit at my desk. And nothing would happen if I hadn't done the first two! When I'm designing/drawing/doing anything remotely 'creative' I like to sit on my bed, put Bon Iver (usually their new album) on loud and drink either coffee or if it's the evening (ok... or past midday, who's to know?!) wine and just get on with it. So that's what I've been doing for a few days.

Apart from that I've been trying to sort stuff out for Edinburgh. I can't believe a year has passed and I'm doing pretty much the same thing all over again. In one way it feels only a few months since I was trying to sort everything out for last year's trip to the Fringe, and in another way it feels like a lot longer than a year! Either way I'm hoping it will be the best Fringe yet. Last year will be pretty hard to beat because it was so fun, but this year we have TWO shows (double the fun right? Or trouble...!) and I'll be with lots of friends. I can't wait! It's going to be hectic, but great. I can feel it. While I'm on that note, if any of you are in Edinburgh this August you should let me know and you should check out our shows (Macbeth and As You Like It by As Told By Productions). Although, you will probably be accosted by me on the Royal Mile anyway - look for the red-haired midget shoving flyers at you. Here's the link to our shows (Macbeth, As You Like It) and our We Fund page if you are interested.

Yesterday I met up with some friends from home and spent the day catching up, which was really nice and long overdue. I bought a summery playsuit from the Topshop sale with a birthday voucher I've had for a while. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. Harriet, isn't that a bit... white, for your skin, which is so... erm.. white..? Well, it's for Madrid, where I am clearly going to transform into a sunkissed goddess! Or, failing that, where I am going to wear an unhealthy amount of fake tan. Duh. No, in all seriousness it is quite light for my complexion (what do they call it, pale and interesting? Right) but I've had my eye on it for ages, it was in the sale, I had just the right amount... you know, it was clearly fate. And you never know, stranger things have happened than me catching a tan. They escape me now, but I'm sure there are numerous examples.

Then yesterday evening my friends popped round, helped me take some photos for some stuff I'm selling on ebay (desperate times, I'm also selling old phones to Mazuma) and then we watched The Butterfly Effect, which we'd never seen before. It took quite a long time to pick the damn film in the first place (Tash wanted a chick flick, Maddie and I said no to anything vom-inducing - you know how it goes) but we finally came to a compromise (maybe Tash was pleased because Ashton Kutcher is in it, I forget) and my god, that film is great! It was so good! Maddie was displeased with the ending but I thought it had to be like that - I won't spoil it, don't worry. It's another of those films that have been on my list for ages and I hadn't got around to watching.

So that's it. If you want to see what else is on my list then feel free to stalk me on Seen That, I am addicted to it at the moment. If you want to see what I'm selling on ebay then click here. There's not much at the moment, I'm just seeing how it goes but I've got lots of clothes that I am intending to sell soon so keep your eyes peeled. I'm going to watch Revenge now, another recent addiction! 

Bye x

An ending and a beginning

Sunday, 1 July 2012
So I've moved back home after finishing Uni and I can tell you it is a bizarre and bittersweet feeling! On the one hand all good things come to end, as the saying goes, but on the other hand I'm just not ready for such an enjoyable time of my life to end! Lots of people say that university is the best time of their lives, which pretty much means it's downhill from here...

No, I'm not that pessimistic, but I do think it was a very free and exciting time that I probably won't experience again, what with all the pressures and responsibilities of being an actual 'adult' you know. Ugh, adult. Well anyway, I like to think that I didn't waste those three years. I met some amazing friends, got experience doing what I want to do for the rest of my life by doing loads of plays and obviously spent a large proportion of time consuming vast quantities of alcohol. Oh yeah, and I did get a 2:1 which is what I went there to do, right? 

The end seemed to sneak up very quietly on me, I think partially because I was busy until the very end, but when it did we realised there were a few things that needed to be done before we left. I expect there are similar must-do student things in every city but we decided that we couldn't leave Bristol without going to the Clifton Suspension Bridge at night, which was hilarious. So we braved the rain with our hot chocolate and enjoyed the view. We also decided we had to jump in the fountains after our last night out at Mbargo, which was one of those ideas that seems clever at the time and then suddenly you're shivering like it's January and you're drenched in fountain water. It was amusing to see my housemate jump in and immediately fall under though. Then we ended our year with the annual Drama Grad Ball, which was a brilliant night. It's always fancy dress and this year the theme was superheroes and super-villains so I went as Poison Ivy from the batman films. My costume was a bit revealing and the ivy pretty much all fell off by about midnight but I did enjoy doing the make-up. I used those Lip Rock foils which I've always wanted to try and they were pretty good actually. I don't see when you could ever wear them except for fancy dress but I think they look really cool. There's me in the middle, I wonder if you can guess who everyone else is!

I'm going to Edinburgh again this summer for the Fringe Festival, which is definitely softening the blow of leaving Uni, as so many of my friends will be there. This time I'm producing two Shakespeare's with one of my closest friends so I'm hoping it's going to be the best Fringe yet. Until then I'm not doing much as I can't go back to work until September because nowhere will hire me for a couple of weeks. But I'm trying to plan a holiday to Madrid with my Mum and brother, which should be nice. And I'm also going to see Gatz in London fairly soon, which I am so excited about as it's my favourite book!

I got a new camera for my 21st birthday so I will be doing some more outfit posts but I just got out of the habit of doing them and then suddenly it feels weird and self-conscious to be taking pictures of myself! But I do love my new camera, and I did used to enjoy it so I should really get back into that. In the meantime, here are some photos from a photoshoot I did for Epigram (Bristol Uni newspaper) a while ago. We did it in the creepy basement of my student house to give it a grungy feel. The models are Arabella Langley and Joe Alwyn and the stylists were Cesca Clayton and Lizzy Bullock. I did the photography and make-up. If I remember correctly the jumpers were all kindly loaned to us by Shop Dutty in Bristol.  

So although it is an end to one part of my life, I'm hoping the next part will be just as exciting and (hopefully!) rewarding. I have a year to work and do my own thing, hopefully direct some more plays in Bristol and possibly travel. I haven't had a year off from education before so this is a well-earned break in my eyes. And with all this free time I have at the moment I am spending lots of it in my newly re-organised, re-arranged and re-pimped room drinking what is possibly an unhealthy amount of coffee, reading books (for pleasure, not for studying, for pleasure! Who knew?) and watching films I have been meaning to watch for ages. Part of my degree was watching arty (read: wanky) sophisticated films and I think this led to me only watching rubbishy rom-coms in my own time. Whereas now I am actually watching and reading 'proper' films and books. Ok, and I may have also have rewatched season 4 of One Tree Hill - but in my defence it has a whole new resonance at this crucial turning point in my life. Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking with it! 


Do you want a pet giraffe?

Friday, 29 June 2012
Quick post to say I've given the blog a little makeover. I've just moved home after finishing University (yup, for realsies!) so I've been generally getting my life in order. I have even created a website for my photography and design stuff. It's in the tabs if you want to have a look.

Meanwhile, I came across this website and I think you should have a look. My housemate thought it was genuine - probably for the best I gave away that it's a fake for any gullible readers out there - she is a constant source of entertainment. 

That is all (for now) x

4th January 2012 - Long Overdue

Wednesday, 4 January 2012
I know I haven't written in yonks, not for any good reason really. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and is sufficiently plumper than this time last month, because I know I am! I've had loads of work this term, made more pressing by the fact that it's my third and (gasp!) final year of uni. Three years is just the right amount of time to settle in somewhere and feel you know what you're doing - and then it's time to leave. I'm applying to drama schools at the moment, which is quite terrifying, so if I get in then at least that's another year to be spent avoiding the real world. I have my first audition on Friday, so I've been preparing for that recently. I'm also doing a play in London next week called 'Party' at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, so if you live in London you should definitely come and watch. It's a comedy about some students who think they can set up a political party in their garden shed. Needless to say, they're not the brightest bunch!

I've also recently been avoiding blogging because Blogger seems to have completely and utterly messed up my layout and stuff. I changed my template, searched loads of help articles and even dug into the hidden depth of HTML and I still can't fix it. Basically all the stuff in my sidebar is fixed and I can't move it around or change it. I can't even delete it from within the HTML itself - every time I try I get an error message. And as a self-diagnosed neat freak (technical term there) I can't stand it when everything's messy. So the Pages tab is now down there for some reason and I deleted everything I could from the sidebar in an attempt to sort the problem out, to no avail. I used to have lots of links to stuff in the sidebar, including lots of lovely blogs, but that's all gone now, for which I apologise. I've been tempted to delete the blog and create a new one, or transfer it all over to a Wordpress blog to get rid of the issue but it all seemed like to much effort to be doing with right now, so for now it will remain a mess. Grrrr, stupid Blogger platform.

Although I haven't been posting though, I have been doing some fashion photography for Epigram, which is my University's newspaper. So I thought I'd post some of the photos up here. The first one we did was at the start of term and was all about reworking different trends. The second one was a kind of grungy style shoot done in my creepy basement (cobwebs and grime occasionally come in useful, who knew!) and the third was a Christmas shoot, also done in my house (although thankfully not said creepy basement). 

Here's some of my favourites from the first photoshoot. The model is Suzi, the stylists Cesca Clayton and Lizzy Bullock and make-up artist Coco Creme. And obviously I took the photos.

I will post some images from the other two shoots soon, and hopefully I'll post more regularly again!

Thanks for reading, Harriet. x
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