Two treats

Sunday, 15 July 2012
Firstly, I'm going to encourage you all to watch this film. Partly because my friend Jack made it, and partly because it's just bizarre, which is good enough reason to do a lot of things by my reckoning. It was made as part of the Virgin Media Shorts competition so if enough people share and like it etc it could win something! It's called The Goodparent and whilst I'm tempted to give it some sort of introduction I'm not sure where to begin so I will merely let the film do the talking! Click here to watch the film on the competition website as I can't embed it into the blog.

The other 'treat' is something I discovered on Pinterest. As a self professed coffee junkie I feel bound to post any cool coffee-related thing I come across. After all, it's in the name. These are supposedly an extremely easy and delicious way to brew coffee. I haven't tried these but the website seems pretty convincing. Or.. maybe I am just a sucker for clever advertising. The slogan at the top of the page is 'real coffee lovers don't use machines' - Wait, I'M a real coffee lover! I use a machine! What have I been thinking?! Rushes to buy these nifty little pouches. Either way, I'm a fiend for both coffee and impressive advertising. And this product has both. 

Anyway, I have just returned from my trip to the big city this weekend. I saw Gatz. It was incredible. It deserves its own post (which it just might get) so that's all for now. 

Hazza x

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