An irregular occurrence

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
I don't normally talk about personal stuff on here, not really sure why, maybe because I don't want potential employers to see my personal life. But something happened recently to me that isn't great but that has led to me writing a lot more frequently. So I thought I'd share a couple of poems, because I'm not really sharing much else at the moment on here... so why not?! And if you like them then maybe I'll share more in future ;)

The Hive

From the eyes up all is a blur
Colours bleed and lines merge
Words are slow and thoughts are...
From the jaw down all is alive
Teeth tight, jaw clench, heart pound
Twitch and tap, wring flick dab,
Senses atune to all that surrounds
Alert, aware, protect the muffled hive of my head.
The smoke is thick at present.
They are asleep though, not dead.


Bitten beds, flaking and frail
A tell-tale sign of the sorry tale
Dry mouth, dampened palm
Evidence of the truest harm
Pain that won't recede
It's your fault - you didn't heed
The warning, the amber light
You conceded, you gave up the fight
Ignored the signs, far too old, too wise
To need advice from one undisguised
By niceties, free from 'oh no I'm sure it's fine'
So of your own free will you crossed that line.
What did you expect
For them to protect...

Obviously I don't want to assume anyone thinks my words worth plagiarising, but it goes without saying that these are written by me and so please don't use them without permission. 

Hope either you somewhat enjoyed reading those, or at least they struck a chord with anyone who's feeling anything similar. 

Harriet x

I made the most delicious thing EVER last night so I might just have to post the recipe here for you. Beware, it contains a lot of cream, and pastry, but you will never enjoy leeks this much that it's worth the calories. YES. 

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