Wednesday, 26 February 2014
So I haven't really been updating this blog in a while, for a variety of reasons I think. Mainly because I was at drama school last year and pretty much all my energy and time was focussed on that. Also, because this started mainly as a fashion blog, and whilst I still love reading other fashion blogs and obviously lusting after beautiful clothes, I don't spend as much time and consideration as I used to on my own wardrobe. This has been massively influenced by my currently minuscule bank balance. Being an actor basically means I'm poor. Probably forever! And that's fine, and it doesn't mean I can't enjoy fashion anymore, obviously I can shop in charity shops, and just buy clothes less frequently (to be honest, I can't remember the last time I actually bought myself clothes!) but it's just something that I'm less passionate about at the moment. And that made me lose focus on the blog, because I don't want to start writing about other things that people aren't interested in reading about. But that's stupid, because it's my blog. Basically, this has turned into a train-of-thought-rambling-style-post, but I'm just trying to explain how I let this blog fall by the wayside. It's a shame, because I used to really enjoy it. So from now on I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. Because I'm sure there are other things I'd love to write about that people may find of interest... I hope...!

I've graduated from drama school now, which was possibly the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life so far. I did an MA, so it was just one intense year of training, which seems to have flown by far too quickly. I'm currently living in London, pursuing the dream and all that, whilst trying to make enough money to live and surrounding myself with people and things that I enjoy.

My mum came to visit me in London this weekend, which was lovely. We went out for coffee and cake, did a bit of shopping (so maybe an outfit post will make a comeback!) and went for a meal to Miz en Bouche in Islington, where she met my boyfriend for the first time. This was both terrifying and hilarious, as only these meetings can be. If you're looking for a nice French restaurant I can thoroughly recommend Miz en Bouche, by the way. It's a small little place near Angel tube station and both the food and the wine were pretty incredible! It's not somewhere I'd normally be able to afford, which is just the joy of having a parent come to visit, eh?! 

I wish I'd been taking more photographs recently as then I'd probably have something to make this blog post look prettier, but that is now on my list of to dos! Hopefully now I've taken the first plunge back into the blogging pool I'll have lots more inspiration and things to share. I have a lot more time on my hands now that I've graduated too, which I'm trying to use as effectively as possible. I've got a list of things that I want to work on this year, which I'll share with you in the next post probably. For now, thanks for reading, and here's a photograph of my kitten, Jasper, because this is the Internet after all, and where would we all be without cat photos?!

Oh ok, and here's another one, just because he's so cute. Or he was, he's a lot bigger than this now but he's currently wearing the cone of shame so I don't think he'd allow me to take a picture right now!

Harriet x

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