Sunday, 23 March 2014

// Originally posted 3/3/14 //

I've written a list. I love lists. It's a list of things I want to focus on this year, in my personal life rather than work life. I'm still working on that list! So have a gander and let me know if there's anything glaringly obvious I've missed off. I'm sure the boyfriend would have a witty addition along the lines of 'talk less'. He's hilarious. I wanted to write goals rather than resolutions as such, mainly because resolutions sound a bit too much like rules, which will inevitably be broken.
Learn to play the guitar
Improve photography skills
Draw & paint more
Go running more
More DIY (yay!)
Plant flowers in the garden
Try some new recipes
Try meditation
Read some great books
Watch some of those films that have been on my list for ages.
Go camping
Quit smoking
Blog and write more

I got a guitar for Christmas and have been learning since then, which is really fun. It's such a good skill to have that I wish I'd learnt when I was younger, but better late than never I guess!

I watched most of the Oscars last night, although it was ridiculous o'clock in the morning. We had a bowl of popcorn and a pot of tea in bed whilst watching - wild, I know. I feel a bit sorry for Leo, bless him. Maybe next year, eh?! But there were some brilliant films out this year, a few of which I still have to watch. I haven't seen Nebraska or Gravityyet so they're next on my list. I think I've seen most of the other nominated films. I really liked Her actually, and hadn't really known what the film was about before watching it but it was a really compelling story told very subtley and the soundtrack was beautiful too. And Joaquin Phoenix never puts a foot wrong, in my opinion.

Wolf of Wall St was just outrageous, but I absolutely loved it. I've read a few articles from people decrying its immorality... I know what they mean but I guess it's down to the story the director wants to tell. I think it did glorify the character of Jordan, but to the point of grotesquety, and by the end I doubt any audience member could find him aspirational.

Hats off to Cate Blanchett as well, I thought her performance in Blue Jasmine was brilliant, and the award so well deserved. I loved what she said about female-driven films making money at the box office too. She was basically saying, 'more please, more please' wink wink, nudge nudge. And hell yes, I'm with you!



It is totally pancake day tomorrow (or Shrove Tuesday, as my mother calls it...) which I firmly regard as the most important holiday in the calendar. Yes, even above Christmas. PANCAKES. Not that I need an excuse, but tomorrow I shall be consuming even more pancakes than usual. Win.

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