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Monday, 31 March 2014
Like most people my age (I hope), I spend a fair amount of time on the Internet lusting after things that I probably will never own. To be fair, I've spent a lot less time doing that recently, mainly because I don't have much extra time. But I still find the odd 10 minutes for a browse of my favourite online shops.

At the moment the things I seem to be longing for most are things for the house rather than clothes. This is probably because I'm doing a lot of DIY at the moment. This being the first house I've lived in as a fully fledged adult, rather than a student, I'm excited at the prospect of putting my own stamp on it. Luckily my housemates and I share similar tastes in decorating. That, or I'm just louder than everyone else and get my own way. But I like to think it's because we have similar tastes...

So we've been doing a lot of painting, and re-arranging and building little things. I'm saving that for a separate post though because things are still happening, but the house looks so much nicer and cosier than when we moved in six months ago. 

Etsy is one of my favourite online places to browse because it's just endless and has such a treasure trove of beautiful and creative things. I quite often buy presents for people from Etsy because I think it's more likely to be unique. I think sometimes because of the handmade nature of a lot of the shops they can be more expensive than a high street shop, but that's the trade off I guess. It's also why I spend more time browsing and clicking 'favourite' than actually purchasing things for myself on there. But if I could... here's what I would have bought recently. All of these are from Etsy. Click for the link.

I mean, how cute is that necklace?! I should probably just make one, but you have to give credit to the person who created this, don't you. 

Right, off to bed before work and rehearsal tomorrow. Got an exciting showcase coming up on Thursday and Friday. I can't work out where I am on the excited-terrified spectrum, that will probably become clear on Thursday...!

Thanks for visiting.

Harriet x

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