Benefit Brow Zings review

Monday, 21 April 2014
I went shopping on Saturday to buy a couple of basics like jeans that I've been needing for ages. I've also been looking at the Benefit eyebrow products for a while and wondering whether they're worth the price tag because if something is going to cost me £20+ then it better bloody do something my £3.99 eyebrow pencil from Boots can't! I've been looking forward to trying out the Anastasia eyebrow pomade for a while too, but it hasn't been available online recently. So I decided to just go for Brow Zings as I'd seen positive reviews before.

I went for the medium shade as I do have quite dark eyebrows but I don't like really heavy brows and I think it's better to go for slightly lighter sometimes as well, to avoid the obvious 'I've drawn these on' look. Overall I really like the product. It's pretty easy to use, even with a cat nudging my hand repeatedly during the process! It comes with instructions which tell you to use the hard angle brush and wax to define the shape of the brow and then use the blending brush to fill in the brows with the powder, which adheres to the hairs and fills in any sparse areas. You can then also tidy up with the mini tweezers. I'd never used any kind of wax before and I really like it. It keeps the powder in place and means you don't end up using too much, and it also makes sure everything stays in place for the rest of the day. I hate it when half way through the day you feel like they're rubbing off!

It's also quite compact and I like the fact it comes with the brushes. The only things that are slight drawbacks for me are the price (£24.50); although I suppose you get what you pay for in terms of quality. And I think it's quite easy to overdo it as well, although that may be down to me being a bit heavy handed with it. I haven't quite perfected the technique yet as I still think they're a little bit strong, but after repeated use I'm sure I'll be able to achieve a more subtle effect! So overall I'd give it a 4/5 stars. But anyway, you can be the judge - here's me with my new eyebrows! ;)

Have you tried Brow Zings or is there another product that's top of the list for eyebrows?

Harriet x

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  1. I actually just remembered subconsciously thinking that I really liked the way your eyebrows looked when I saw you after your shopping trip. Now I know why!


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