Wednesday, 23 April 2014
We all love Pinterest - it's great. I can find endless suggestions for DIY, clothes, photography, art, and pretty much anything else I could want (like a million pictures of fluffy little animals). But one of the most dangerous and addictive categories on Pinterest is food. Seriously, like some of those things can't even be eaten - it's so artistically presented I don't think I'd be able to! But then it also looks so delicious I wouldn't be able to take a photo before stuffing it in my face. Anyway.

Here are some of the most mouthwatering morsels I've discovered recently. YUM. Click through for original recipes.

This post has also given me a great excuse to look back at all the recipes I've collected through Pinterest and refresh my culinary repertoire. I'll try and give some of these a go soon, although they won't look as beautiful as this collection, I'm sure!

Harriet x

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