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Monday, 14 April 2014
I've recently turned a corner of my garden room into a home office. It's my new sanctuary and I love it. I was getting sick of working at the table in the living room, it's not really a great place to get things done without being disturbed, and my bedroom doesn't have space for a desk. The rest of the room still needs to be organised as there's a lot of random furniture in here and it's currently being used by my boyfriend to record music in, but I've put my stamp on the room now so you know, IT'S MINE. 

I bought the Micke workstation from Ikea, a couple of little storage boxes and pencil holder from Paperchase, moved my mountain of notebooks, some books, all my paperwork and a few bits and bobs in, and it looks great! I'll post some pictures once I've had a chance to take some in good lighting, and maybe I'll be able to sort the rest of the room out soon too. At the moment there's a couple of spare mattresses here, another big desk, what seem to be piles of clothes and lots of wood for future DIY projects. My housemate always brings back random pieces of wood he's found and then we turn them into shelves or something. It's fun, and very cheap, but they're taking up a lot of space at the moment! I think when it's all sorted it would be nice to have a sofa and a projector to watch films in here too. 

So to continue the theme, here's a collection of Etsy finds that can help make any corner of a room into a great office! 

Currently I have about 4 different notebooks/planners to keep track of various projects or categories. Personally, I think you can never have enough stationery! So whether your office is the kitchen table, a corner like mine, or maybe even a whole room, I hope you liked my little selection of picks to brighten it up!



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