BBQ and Sussex

Friday, 9 May 2014
I've mostly been in Lewes, Sussex for the past couple of weeks, rehearsing and performing in a play. It's going really well, which is a great feeling, especially as I'm being paid! I've just had two days off in London and I'm going back tomorrow morning for the last week. It's so lovely to be out in the country, walking lots (so much walking!) and working hard but also enjoying going to the pub with the rest of the cast, playing with my director's dogs and drinking enormous amounts of tea during our breaks. The rest of the company are brilliant, which makes such a difference when working on a production. Most of the time we're having such a fun time it doesn't even really feel like work... until I wake up to my aching muscles from all the walking we have to do! And Jason is now assistant directing the production too, which is both bizarre and incredible. The other assistant director had to pull out of the project so I got Jason on board, and (somewhat surprisingly!) it's been a really great experience working in a professional capacity with my boyfriend! 

The views during the performance, which takes place on the South Downs in Sussex. 
With my deadly scythe, ready to kill anyone who gets in my way! This was taken during a rehearsal - my actual costume is bloody hilarious/ridiculous. Maybe I'll put a photo of it up another time if I can swallow my pride!

My housemate Madlen (hi Madlen, I know you're probably reading!) has pissed off to Germany for a few months (she's German, so it's not that out of the blue) so we had a little farewell BBQ before she left. It was lovely to see so many people from drama school who I hadn't seen in ages. We just about managed to have a BBQ in the English April weather, which predictably provided rain! The night ended in probably the largest game of Articulate I've ever played, which was obviously raucous but great. 

Madlen and I

I tried to wear a somewhat summery outfit for the occasion - I broke out the bright florals anyhow. 

Jason's idea of being helpful

So there's a little update of what I'm up to at the moment, and (shock horror!) a kind-of-outfit-post... right?! Ooh, groundbreaking. I have no idea why but I find it almost impossible to concentrate on anything else when I'm doing a production. So even though I took everything I needed with me to Lewes, I did absolutely no other work while I was away. It probably has a lot to do with the 45 miles I walked last week and wanting to fall asleep as soon as I got in every night! So I may or may not post next week. I'd like to, but if not then I'll be back after the play finishes next Sunday! We're all going to a gig after the final performance, which I'm looking forward to. And apparently I get in for free because I'm under 25. If only London had similar practices!

Side note - Jason's band Carthage have recently launched their website and released their EP. So, you know, check them out. They're already getting quite a bit of attention from bloggers and promoters so if you check them out now you can totally say you knew about them before they got big ;) Disclaimer - their music is noisy and aggressive... I think it's called punk or something ;) 
Harriet x


  1. I just saw this! Love the picture of the two of us (and the one of you and Jason, ha!). Lewes looks beautiful!

    Lot's of love from Germany. xxx

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah I like the one of us :) And thanks for the book recommendations on Goodreads too, I've added them to my list! xx

  2. Where are the new blog posts? I keep checking occasionally and am always super sad if there are no new ones. You disappoint your regular readers, Harriet!!! ;)

    1. Haha, I'm sorry my keenest reader! Here you go -



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