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Thursday, 19 June 2014

DIY and crafts is easily the number one way I get sucked into a Pinterest vortex of no return. I could spend hours looking through and pinning little projects and crafts - so much so that I now try and only pin things that there is actually a chance of me using. Otherwise I find I end up with a board full of 'inspiration' that never goes anywhere. Now, the time I spend looking at DIY projects and the time I actually spend making things is... somewhat disproportionate. As I'm sure most people agree, the easy bit is looking at all those cute ideas online and thinking I could totally spend a few hours making a wall decoration from feathers, paper and bits of wood and my room would look so cool and different. In reality, most of my spare hours are spent hypothesising about just how far Game of Thrones will go to destroy me as a person, trawling through Pinterest and watching Archer with Jason. A thrilling life I lead, I don't need you to tell me.

However, I have put myself to the test recently by actually using my DIY board to inspire some creativity. The results have been... mixed. The beeswax candles I made were great, but then again, this was literally the easiest craft ever! I ordered some natural beeswax from Etsy, rolled it up and ta-dah! They smelled great though. Failures have included making the little clay storage containers I saw on A Beautiful Mess - honestly, it looked ridiculous and was highly unstable - and just yesterday I got so angry with my origami butterfly I crushed its little paper wings and threw it across the room...

This is what they're supposed to look like. I won't show you my attempt. Click here for the tutorial.
Nevertheless, here are some relatively easy DIY projects that I'd like to attempt soon. Click through for the tutorials and if you make any of them I'd love to hear about it! I'll update you with any of my own crafty endeavours. I think I'm going to be sticking to the simplest projects for the time being!

Coffee syrups! This stuff is expensive - make your own! From Nelliebellie.com

Clay planters - pretty and functional. From A Beautiful Mess.

Paper lanterns - perfect for outside in the summer. From oncewed.com

Origami boats (hopefully easier than butterflies!) - string them up for easy decoration. Image from ing-things.blogspot.be.
Gilded mugs (and other things!) from handmadecharlotte.com 
I hope you like this little collection of DIY inspiration!

Harriet x

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