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Tuesday, 10 June 2014
I'm currently sitting in the Hornbeam cafe in Walthamstow, which is just round the corner from my house. I love it because they do brilliant tea, coffee, cakes and really yummy food, most of which is veggie or vegan. I'm currently chowing down on daal and flatbread. It's also great because it's run by volunteers and everything is really cheap. My delicious lunch was only £3.50 and it's a massive portion. Jason and I used to come here all the time to work but we've got out of the habit lately, mostly to try and save money. I think we actually get so much more done when we get out of the house though, that it's probably worth a few quid to get into a different environment. I find getting out of the house into a cool space like this makes me much more productive.

Annie and Mike looking very seriously at their laptops!
Yummy daal!
So I'm back from Sussex after doing the play. It went really well, we got lots of brilliant reviews and even won an award! I went back last weekend to do another short thing for the same company too, which was lovely. I think it's always a good sign when people want to work with you again. On the last night there was a gig playing in Lewes as part of the celebrations for the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes, so we all went along. The band were called The Moulettes and they were incredible. They were a kind of folky, orchestral rock group and it was obvious that they were all just incredible musicians. The drummer sometimes played a guitar WHILE HE WAS DRUMMING!! So yeah, look em up :)

Sorry for the awful quality here - iPhone front camera!

Unfortunately, the day before Jason and I came back to London, we got some bad news. Jasper was hit by a car the Sunday before last and was killed. We were devastated, and it was also horrible that we were just about to come home and see him after a week of being away. So that was a pretty shit thing to come home too, but now it's been a couple of weeks we're all feeling a bit better. It was such a shame because Jasper was so young, but he did have a brilliant life with us, even though it was short. And he definitely made sure we'll never forget him by being the naughtiest cat ever!

In a kind of ironic way, we had booked to go to the cat cafe in Shoreditch for Jason's birthday, which was a bit weird because it was only a few days after we lost Jasper. But our housemate Annie had booked it way in advance and we still wanted to go for the novelty. It was so fun! We had a reaally good cream tea and Jason was like a kid in a candy shop trying to play with all the cats!

So that's a little update on what's been going on for the past couple of weeks. Now I'm back and getting back into the swing of actually dealing with all the admin stuff that piled up while I'm away I'm looking forward to posting more interesting things. Now, if you'll excuse me there is a delectable  slice of chocolate and cherry cake that is calling for my undivided attention!

Harriet x

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