Phoenix Park

Friday, 20 June 2014
I was in central London the other day and had a few hours to kill in between meetings and stumbled on a little park in Soho called Phoenix Park. It was nice because it wasn't open, it was basically a twisty path through a park with benches secluded along the way and trees and flowers in between. The weather was lovely so I chilled out the for the afternoon with a book, coffee and my camera.

It was lovely and quiet, although there were people on almost all of the benches (and a distinct smell of weed coming from one corner..!). It felt really out of the way and a nice little escape in the middle of a really busy area. 

I'm going to Brighton tomorrow for a while as I've just got a part in another play in Sussex - can't keep me away from the place at the moment! I'm going to be back and forth until near the end of July now, but obviously I'll take my laptop with me (so expect some Sussex updates!) and I'll have a few days off in between rehearsals where I'm sure I'll come back to London to see Jason and my housemates. 

The company I'm working with are really cool. They're a horse drawn company, so they travel around with a horse and wagon to pull the set and everything like in ye olde times! This play isn't a full tour, just a development phase, so sadly I won't be travelling around with a horse and wagon (boo!) but hopefully if all goes to plan there will be a full travelling tour next year. We're rehearsing in Brighton and performing in Kent, so for the last week of Kent we'll be camping on location, which I'm excited about because I love camping! I just hope it doesn't chuck it down with rain, because that would be typical of England, and also a surefire way to make a bunch of people quickly wonder what we're doing in a soggy field trying to rehearse a play..! So fingers crossed for glorious weather and a lovely experience :)

Harriet x


  1. Finally new blog posts! Read all of them. Lovely pictures as always. Looks like you're having a great time at the moment. Yay. :)

  2. Haha thanks! Yeah I am, should put some photos of Brighton up too :) Hope Germany is fun! There will be a surprise in the next blog post I think!


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