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Saturday, 5 July 2014
I've had a few days off rehearsals so have been back in London, relaxing and catching up on other work. I've been designing some posters for friends' shows, doing lots of cooking and trying to learn my lines for this coming week! My brother is rehearsing a play in London soon too so he's coming to stay with me from tomorrow. I haven't seen him for a while so it will be nice to see him and catch up.

Anyway, I just thought I'd do a quick post about the blogs that I read really frequently. I love finding new blogs so maybe there will be some on here you haven't visited before. It's also nice to share the love. I was initially going to do a Top 10 but actually these are my favourite and most frequented blogs so I decided to stick to these.

  • Being Little  - I love Lyzi's blog and always make sure I'm up to date. She has great style, blogs about some cool things and is also a lovely person.
  • The Dainty Squid - Kaylah's blog is just a goldmine of inspiration to me. Her photography, adventures, hobbies and, obviously, pets are what I love about this blog.
  • From Gem With Love - Gem's blog is a great lifestyle blog, she's really good at writing with a good balance between fashion/beauty etc and more personal stuff.
  • Ebba Zingmark - Ebba is the reason I wanted to dye my hair red about 5 years ago! I've been reading her blog for years and can't believe how awesome she is, especially for her age. 
  • Geninne's Art Blog - I've been getting my desktop calendars from Geninne's blog for ages, and her artwork is so beautiful, not to mention her photography.
  • Vivatramp - Bee is another lovely blogger who I had the chance to meet a couple of years ago in Bristol. I love her blog, especially her book reviews. 
  • Ghostparties - If you like beauty blogs I'm sure you already read Kate's blog. I love her product reviews, despite the fact they make me want to spend too much money. She also has the cutest cat called Mouse!

In other news, meet Bonnie! She is our new kitten and she's so adorable. She was incredibly shy when we first brought her home but she's massively come out of her shell over the past week or so and is now enjoying wreaking havoc by doing typical kitten things like chewing, running around like a madman and attacking anything that moves. Oh, and stealing socks. Like a dog... I never have normal pets. 

Harriet x


  1. Bonnie is gorgeous! My boyfriend's getting two kittens this summer and I can't wait for him to bring them home!

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

  2. Thanks Anna! She's attempting to attack the keyboard as I type! That's so exciting! We were initially going to get two but Bonnie was the last one of a litter so we just took her in the end and she's more than a handful alone... You'll have to start thinking of names :) x


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